02 August 2017

1 aug

Dallas has such a pretty skyline
Because it has so many glass buildings 

First Drink your water.
This much. Every day.

This is an awesome hot sauce recipe I just learned!

Joseph is finally eating Raw Meat!
It took him a good time to come around.
I guess he never read the book 
About cats liking raw meat.

More Instant Pot.
So easy - so fast.


NO - it's not "instant" like a microwave 
From the movie The Fifth Element.
But still faster than a Crock Pot.

Dallas is big. But it is made up of littler cities.
Like Irving. My new job is closer to home.
No more driving 50+ miles each way,
Just to get to work.

Still - this is me.
I am just glad August is here!


  1. My oh my! What big eyes you have!!!
    If I ever get down your way, you'll have to give me the grand tour :)


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