21 September 2013

hardest thing ever

Crustless Quiche - helping  Sherri learn to cook -
LC style

Not easy to do when you are always around THIS

15 pizzas!

And THIS happened to me -
I think I broke something in there!

THIS day was nothing but pure FUN

And NO, I did not eat the bread!

Camera Shy!

Our newest staff member

And ME!
Now I am learning how to not give in to the temptation
To even have one bite - when I know it is not for me!
Up till now, I just avoided carbs -
It has taken me all these months to wrap my mind around them being around me!
Wow - making two different meals - being around cake and pie and bread...
Every day is day one - all over again!


  1. I think there is hope for me and LC cooking! That quiche was good. Thanks for the lesson and the fun day! (We should have bought that bacon duct tape!)

  2. Nice cookin' good lookin'!!! What happened to your leg? Do tell.

    1. I broke it once by tripping on a stool.
      I broke it again by sliding on a wet floor.
      I broke it again by tripping on a doggie.
      I broke it again by trying to prove that it was not broken (or sprained - or whatever) ....
      And it hurts like hell from all the walking. This second-hand (foot) brace helps a lot!
      That and Advil.... a girl's best friend!

    2. That sounds like a lot of ouch, Miss A! Take care of that leg!

  3. My dh is LCHF and I am having to learn a whole new way to cook. It is hard to do, but by association I have lowered my carbs too. Just not ready for the coconut coffee yet! Sorry about your foot- heal fast.

  4. I hear music when I google "Carb Tripper"....'Carb tripper yeah - it took me sooo long to find..but I found out..' ( Of course sung to the tune of the Beatles "Day Tripper" ! )
    And it did take me so long to find out..About CARBS!!


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