10 May 2010

a near miss

Kermit! ----Nooooooo!

Came around the corner today, driving. 
This guy stopped about one foot away from my face 
Horns and all.
Almost "T-Boned" me on the driver's side.
All I could think of was
"God no - after all this I'm going to be killed by a BBQ Truck!"
I thought about blogging and people I've met blogging....
It was like my life flashed before my eyes.
And I thought about blogging. Sheesh!

I'm going to quit asking the Universe to send me a sign!

Cuz you never know when you might have to "go."

Not my first ROAD -e-o!

Oh belly full, 
I've had my fill 
Of amber waves of grain
Of purple capillary beds
And varicose veins!
I want a thrill,  I want a pill 
To shed this weight for me.
And eat my fill
Of grains until
I'm a "D" to "Double D!"

RedLine w/ Egg White Protein
Hamburger patty with little salad
Whey protein shake, Atkins bar...
As many hours as I spend driving, 
this way of eating works out great for me!
It's hard to eat a salad on the run - 
unless you want a "tossed salad!"

No phone today! Incommunicado....
I'm feeling reclusive again on this,
the anniversary of my one year of blogging.
And a storm is coming. I can feel it!
No surprise here - the moody sky loves to give storms.
It seems that what she does best. Diva that she is.


  1. Anne, girl stay in your car!!! Kermit's remains we can do without that picture, but you on the other hand we most definetly need!!!

    (love the outhouse picture)

  2. As I saw the horns come closer, all I could think was
    "Does Mr Slate know you're driving his automobile?"

  3. Oh my!! You came close to being gored to death!
    Awwww Kermit :(

  4. I've thought of my on line friends when I had near misses.. "who will tell them??" I think hubs knows the basics of blogging and have my pw written down somewhere so he can guest post. the things we think of...

    don't reclude on me, Anne! I just re-found you!

    yes, I can see that a salad would not work during work hours too well...what about raw veggies or fruit, not a salad persay, that you could crunch on? I know carrots are carby.. but what about broccoli, radishes, celery, cucumbers.. ?? the pain is the prep work.. but I can't live without my veggies, I need their crunchiness. Just an idea?

    LOVE the grain pic btw.. and the anthem to go with it. :)

  5. So happy you are still with us and able to blog tonight, do be careful Anne so many crazy drivers out there.

    Don't you get tired of hamburger, are there other meats you could eat or fish?

    Be safe.......:-) Hugs

  6. Crazy Lady..
    Take Care do you not realise you are a rare breed?

  7. At my age I am always glad to see a restroom, even a porta potty! Smile.

  8. Happy bloggiversary. :)
    Love the pics as usual.

    Tell me about this Redline. I have never heard of it. (sipping on my Rock Star now)

  9. Happy Blogaveersary Anne. I am so glad you made it, nothing like a rodeo on the highway. have a wonderful day. take care.

  10. O, I'm so glad you're okay! I would miss your blog a lot if you were laid up and couldn't post your thoughts and photos! I don't comment often, but enjoy lurking!

  11. Oh my, Kermit!! Did you throw the horn dude a dirty look. I would have. I stare people down a lot in parking lots. They drive like crap. LOL

    Happy one year! Best is that you've been consistent for over a year. Woooooo!

  12. Happy Bloggiversary Anne!!! Here's to another year of your wit and wisdom.

    Love the clouds...were you flying?

  13. I was so excited about your bloggiversary that I forgot to say how happy I was that danger was averted. Watch out for trucks with big horns.

  14. I knew I left my porta potty somewhere!

  15. I'm so glad fate took that bull by the horns!

    You make me laugh and make me think and sometimes make me cry (which is good!). I know I'm a fairly new follower of your blog, but I am very glad for your presence here Anne!

  16. Yabba-dabba-DOO! I'm so glad that ugly monster didn't hit you! Happy Bloggiversary!

    I'm feeling a bit clammed up myself, these days. Everyone seems to be doing so well and sticking to their plans and I just keep losing the same 10 lbs. That sounded jealous, didn't it. I'm not, just p.o.'d at myself.

    Love the new banner. Those clouds are dreamy...

  17. One year! WOW-- Congratulations Anne.

    So glad you survived the BBQ truck and I hope the storm's past.

    That last photo is stunning!


  18. My weight loss goals reached, after a hard year of effort.
    My blog's one year anniversary!
    Not to mention, Nurse's day....
    The anniversary of my mother's death.
    AND I almost got killed here.

    VERY big fucking things.
    The storm is definitely here - right now - today!

  19. And the song - it is sung to the tune "O Beautiful, for spacious skies..."


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