26 April 2013

a week to go

In one week from tomorrow, I leave for Houston
For the Low Carb Cruise!

Of course, there will be LC friends

And all kinds of fun things to do and see

All kinds of excursions

All kinds of food

Most of it is perfect for a LC diet

The Carnival Magic at night

Last year was my first Cruise - evah

Looks like Cruise eye candy!
Can't wait to go - wish you could go with me! 

*Now accepting volunteers for tomato-watering services!*


  1. I would happily volunteer for tomato watering service if my arms were just long enough to reach there. :) I hope your trip is the BEST!

  2. I enjoy the cruise vicariously from all the blogs and videos people post. Wish I could enjoy it in person. :(
    Sorry, my hose won't reach from Massachusetts.

  3. Forgot to say...Have A Great Trip!!!!!

  4. Corbs and I have you covered for watering. Since he has a stake in how well your garden does, he should be well-motivated!

  5. Enjoy the cruise and post lots of pics so we all can enjoy it too. Have a wonderful time, Anne!


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