15 May 2011

purple chicken

The other day I made some chicken.
Thought I could jazz it up -
You know -  suddenly invent something
wonderful - just me and my wits!
It's good to learn new things in the kitchen.
Get a little more comfortable with the pots and pans.
Hot smile
So I added a dusting of PB2.
So far, so good.
Chicken with peanut sauce. Yum!
Rolling on the floor laughing
Then I thought "Hey - this needs some liquid!"
So I grabbed a bottle of white wine,
but couldn't get the top off. Cork!
Barring teeth smile
So I thought "Hey - this will work instead!"
So I grabbed a bottle of red wine. 
Because it is so fancy, it doesn't have a cork.
Smile with tongue
Well, the chicken dish was a flippin' disaster.
"Horrible" and "awful" are words
that don't even come close to describing it!
Sick smile
The mix started to coagulate - and bubble -
and squeak and spread! It looked like purple spattered
refried beans - and tasted like a gritty peanut butter massacre.
Purple Chicken Surprise! (Want some?)
Embarrased smile
So, I had to throw the whole thing out.
It was a relief!
I vowed to learn more.
More about cooking and 
How and why certain things work
And other things do not work!
And to get some recipes on line.
And in books. And learn to follow them!
Nerd smile
So I got over myself, and never missed a beat!
It's much better to classify "mistakes"
As "learning opportunities!
Takes away the silly feeling of failure.
I don't know smile
Now, some of the "rules" I learned in weight loss -
I am learning to transfer to other area of life, as well!
About time!
I've suffered from rectal - cranial inversion long enough!
Onward and downward - 
Anne H


  1. It was yukky!
    Live and learn!

  2. You know ... there's this thing called the internet. And....you can find recipes so you don't have to experiment with purple chicken :)

  3. I know - but what fun is that!?

  4. Sounds horrid but at least you didn't feel obligated to eat it. I do that to myself most of the time when I mess up. Fortunately, my last few attempts at cooking have turned out well.

  5. Ha ha ha ha ha At least you're adventurous. I am just beginning to realize that a recipe isn't written in stone and (except for baking) I can mess with that recipe and still have something edible. :)

  6. I thought we were never to speak of this again...;-)

    Onward and downward indeed!

  7. As long as the budget ain't too tight, experimenting can be fun. I do that sometimes, and sometimes, it all ends up in the trash. And tossing out beef and chicken HURTS. Ow. Not cheap! But sometimes, the urge to just throw stuff in there and see what happens..happens. :D

    PB2 I could see maybe, but with red wine. You so crazy. ; )

  8. Like so many things in life,
    it seemed like a great idea at the time!

  9. I agree when foods go a certain colour..you just KNOW they won't taste nice and I think purple+chicken is it. lovely you can smile about it

  10. I am all for learning from experience be it cooking or weight loss or life in general.

    Maybe try squeezing some lemon into your chicken the next time. I love that combo.

  11. Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog! I appreciate it! I am back and now following your blog!

  12. Oh I make disasters all the time :)

  13. I just realized I seldom failed -
    because I seldom tried -
    and NEVER tried anything new!
    Or out of my comfort zone.....
    hmmmmm....... food for thought!

  14. NOoooooooo!
    Just posting this here
    made me feel a little sick -
    like reliving it!
    It's like DeJa-Yuk all over again!

  15. It was a learning experience, and you shared that with us here, so none of us will go through that. So, thank you.

  16. "Purple Chicken Surprise!" I've had my share of cooking disasters like that before too. Live and learn... God thing you have In n Out now ;-)
    Happy Sunday, jj

  17. Hmm, wine and PB. Interesting combo! Lol now a spoon of PB with a glass of wine? Maybe... Anywhoozle, I have a question for you and o tweeter it but idk how often u check ur tweets? When u 1st started ur WL journey how many carbs did u eat max & has that changed. I'm tryin to do low-er carbs n need a bit o help please!

  18. Lmao ok stupid iPhone auto correct said 'o tweeter' but I meany ' I tweeted' sorry lol

  19. :O
    best thing I've heard all day!
    I try to twitter, but my do FB much better.....
    I ate 20ish carbs a day..... the first year....
    Second year 30ish.....
    I go back to 20 when I go all "Induction"
    Seems to be my magic number...

    Lately, though, I am becoming very sensitive to Splenda!
    Throws me completely off! And when it goes out of whack
    it's kinda like being sucker-punched.... in other words....

  20. hmm, pb2 + any wine doesn't sound good to me, but if you don't experiment you will never know.

  21. Live and learn..... and then get loved!

  22. You have an amazing sense of humor! Does your line of work make you cherish each day? You are too funny. Whenever I read your comments on Carla's FB page, you crack me up!

  23. Pictures would have been funny!!! I soo often make a mess, oh well no biggie

  24. You should have taken a photos of said disaster!
    We could all have appreciated it's ugliness then!


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