16 October 2010

plan to succeed

The stress-free pen from the Hospice Symposium -
Says "Hee Hee -  Do I feel great!
It's gonna be a stress-free day today!"

Getting next week's stash of pistachio nuts ready - 
I portion them out so I'm not tempted to eat them all!
And yes - I still weigh my food - sometimes!

Days off are good for catching up on sleep, and errands.
With the symposium behind us, it's back to business as usual.
Whatever that means!

The silliness continues with Unflavored Gelatin - 
7 grams of protein (no carbs) mixed into a sugar-free drink.
Need to learn a little more about how it dissolves in different temps.

A salad and a scarecrow....
and what looks to be an baby alien! But no -
just a couple of randomly placed eyes cranberries...

Found this cuteness from last year. Cleaning out files.
Fly, little bird!  You (and your file) are free!

It's so nice here. Autumn is short in North Texas.
But this one is long - almost two weeks!

 Coffee, Candles, and Christmas music.
Yes - already! Loreena, though -
So it's mixolydian-ly delightful.
I stopped listening to all that until just recently.
It's nice to have it back.

The heater coil something-or-other went out in Truckie.
Just got it fixed. We all had heat injuries this summer!
That's fixed, too. Heat and light - go figure.

Were cool nights made for soup?
This is ground beef, cabbage shreds, beef and chicken broth.
Cooked overnight in a crock pot. Onion, garlic - all that.
Garnished with Parmesan Cheese (it melts) and red pepper flakes.

There's that moon again! Just a little peek.
And goodnight!
Hope your weekend is warm and cozy in your heart!


  1. great pen
    great alien salad
    great cozy apartment
    great blog
    great gal

  2. Oh i haven't had pistachios in ages. My son loves them but since he moved out i've forgotten all about them!!

  3. Anne, your blog looks awesome, and all your pics on the side you look fantastic. You made me hungry with your soup, it looks so good. I think it is chilly in the house thats why I am craving soup.
    hope all is well with you. take care.

  4. I read so many blogger eat nuts and can lose weight or maintain, me and nuts... they are like donuts to me, look at them and gain!!!


    I want me that pen!!!

  5. I am hoping now that I am back home I will be able to keep up with my blogs again, I have missed so many.
    Your salad looks so good and I am glad you have got your truck fixed.
    We are having a cool weekend but it is okay, we have had such a beautiful Fall....:-) Hugs

  6. Nice moon picture
    and decliciously tempting soup
    Oooooo, soup time
    pulled pork for tomorrow
    after that, soup!

  7. Cranberries in the salad with hard boiled eggs... it looks so good. I never would have thought of that combination!

    And I love the moon sliver picture, too. :-)


  8. Planning for success is the only way to plan. And follow through to the finish. A successful finish. I like your soup idea. A teeny tiny sliver of a moon still is bella luna.

  9. I think if that pen keeps "going off" a little white truck, filled with little pen-men in white coats are going to haul him away! I love that thing hahah! I do the same with pistachios, its all to easy to accidentally suck down way more than 1 portion! They are so yummers!

  10. Wow that is a little moon. So was that a real bird or fake? Sure looked real to me. Cute pen would go good with my "Mr. Easy" squeezy stressor thing that says "take it easy, don't stress" lol. Yep alien salad *smile*. Hope you have a great Sunday Anne.

  11. He's very much real!
    The little bird flew into a group home where I was doing a Hospice case.
    Someone caught the poor creature - to help it escape back out!
    Caused quite the commotion. I was on the *phone* when it happened.
    Probably a metaphysical parallel in there somewhere.
    Fly, fly, fly!

  12. On the phone - on break
    -just in case my boss is reading!


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