27 January 2012

100 days

I do like this thing - it helps.

I do like THIS thing - it helps too!
I walked for 30 minutes....
Max HR 131.... Avg HR 127
I also stretched for 30 minutes today!

Leftovers, again?
The soup / broth I made get better all the time.
It's like 70 here.... out walking every chance I get.
There's 100 days or so till my vacation.
I am already picking out stuff to wear.
That is not like me.
I must be going through some change.
A good change!
Island with palm tree
100 days. And I don't want to waste one of them,
Without doing something that contributes to my goal.
Fitness? Yes. Health? Si, claro.
Looking hot? Yep - you got it!
Winking smile
Here we go then!


  1. Cheers, Anne. Leftovers look good to me.

  2. Do you have a destination in mind for your vacation?

    1. Decided to join the group of Hep Cats going on the LoCarb Cruise!
      May 2012!

  3. Oh!!! I can't begin to describe how GREEN with envy I am, LOL!!!

    How fantastic that you get to go... now *I* can hardly wait, cuz I know you'll give us lots of blow by blow blog posts, FB blurbs, and video views!

    1. I just hope they don't put my hand in some water and make me want to pee the bed!
      You know how a boat-load full of people - all in ketosis can be! *wink*

  4. Your vacation does sound like a blast.

  5. a bouncy, bouncy, bouncy...those are harder than they appear!

  6. Woooooooooooohooooooooooo!!! The countdown is on!

  7. What on earth do you do on the little trampoline thing? Just bounce??? I read that is supposed to be really good for the lymphatic system. I'm afraid I'd fall off and break my ankle! LOL

    I am buying a treadmill soon though because I can only stand so much eliptical in my day. I need variety!

    1. I am certainly a lympho-manic.... I love my little bouncer.... with weight loss, it seems there is bound to be alot of metabolic residual! And cellular debris that needs to move out from the cells!

  8. Your vacation sounds fun, fun, fun! I am curious though, who are Hep Cats? I think I'd like that bouncy thingy.

    Have a gorgeous walk today, Anne!

  9. You are just awesome and such a huge inspiration to me.

  10. Looking hot! Good goal that one. lol

  11. Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting. Sounds like you are rocking the low carb recipes and foods! Awesome :-)

  12. I have one of those mini trampolines too - my grandson just pulled it out from behind my weights lastnight. I think I'll start bouncing on it too now after ready about the lymph comment :)
    You Rock Anne!!


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