14 June 2011


Awesome huge large wonderful red Driscoll Strawberries....
6 carbs per half a cup... Only 3.5 net carbs

Did a taste test - different kinds of sweeteners.
Most of them didn't need any at all!

The bottom two were an insult to humanity
Truvia is ok. Splenda is .... splendid, of course.

This came in the mail -
What a wonderful world

Second hand carbs... "Do you mind?"

"To the most amazing and delightful Anne H"
it says.... who, me? Thanks!

The cover of the New Yorker
Carbs all over the place.

Hope your day is wonderful
with lots of juicy happy things to eat!
And kind people who care for your health
and happiness and well-being!


  1. Thanks for the cool cards and clippings, Zafu!
    The New Yorker cover is suitable for framing!

  2. Mwa ha ha ha... carbs in the stocks... mwa ha ha ha!

  3. How sweet of someone to send you a card :) I think splenda is splendid too :) I loved the picture of the strawberries. When I'm up in the middle of the night like this I always think of you :)

  4. Love love love everything. Did a postcard addressed in such a manner actually get to you? Coool.

  5. Driscoll's strawberries? They're sweet enough on their own! Have a wonderful day, Anne.

  6. lmao @ secondhand carbs! That's wonderful! :D

    I've tried stevia and blechhhh to that.
    I'll roll the dice and take my chances with splenda.
    Pick your poison and all that.

    We get Driscoll's up here too.

    How did the quiche turn out, Anne? Pics perhaps?

  7. The berries look delicious. I haven't had my berry fix in a couple of week. I need to pick up some this week. Have a lovely day!

  8. Love the postcard and the NYer.

  9. You know I love my berries :)
    I swear we are sisters sometimes!

  10. Nom Nom Nom
    Pics of the best quiche ever -
    Coming soon to a blog near .... here!

  11. Strawberries, blueberries and apples
    life without them would be the pits
    Your pictures make me hungry
    bye... I gotta go make blueberry salad!


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