24 April 2011

food slave

A tenderloin steak

Sauteed spinach with onions and steak

I ....was.... Spartacus!
But now I'm less and less a slave to food.
And now being in the kitchen is a delight.
Not "slaving" over a hot stove.... 
I'm learning - more like it's a classroom!
And not a chore at all.

It's all Fun and Games in the kitchen
till somebody gets hurt!

Looking a little like this guy here...
Except that my meals are TOO Spartan!
I'm ready for more.

The other day at work, I had a patient
who knew me 3 years ago.
So she can now see my weight loss.
She once said I was too wide to fit in a shower stall.....
even though it was 3 feet wide!
She's also the one who (then) asked me not to sit 
on her antique furniture.... I might break it!

Well, this lady looks me up and down.
Steps back, like she is looking at art in a museum.
Arms folded, one hand up to her chin - the "thinking pose!"

Then she tells me that I could use a little toning in my
upper arms, my butt and my abdomen. But over all, she says I did ok!
"A + !!" .... She asked how to get rid of abdominal fat. 
My answer was "If we knew that, we would know everything!"

A lovely sunset from the other day.
Tweaked/ enhanced a bit in iPhoto.
But, like in life, you can't give what you don't have.
The colors were always there - 
this just brought them out a little!
And made them more true to life.

Hope your weekend is relaxing!
And your food choices are nurturing!


  1. Lovely, lovely sunset--the rose to purple to blue is exquisite.

    And congrats on the very well-earned A+!!!

    Found out there's a Crossfit within a 4 minute drive of here (or a bit of a walk from here). Post more about yours when you're back at it. Now I AM interested (and very intimidated!)

    Rest well, digest well, dream well, and enjoy your Easter Sunday.


  2. Wow, good thing you have a great sense of humor... I'm not sure I would have responded with as much grace as you to such comments from your "evaluator"!

    Happy Easter to you, Anne.

  3. Yeah, well..........
    In this case - she was right!
    She even gave me her old Talbots magazine
    Just in case I want to get all dressified!

  4. You forgot to add the film description "Presented uncut and fully restored" to your Spartacus pose. :)

  5. Glad you are enjoying your time in the kitchen! I love to cook...it is one of my favourite things.

    I think you are an A+ too!!!

  6. Spartacus, a great hero to enjoy defeating those kitchen foes. Interesting patient you had there. Honest and would you say, caring?

    Happy Easter!

  7. Lovely sunset, Anne. Your patient is outspoken. I know some people like that in my life too. LOL The sauteed spinach looks good and once again you have posted something that I am absolutely going to have to try. My husband and I love spinach and that look incredibly good. Have a wonderful Sunday, Anne.

  8. Peace to you, and joy, and love.

    And a slather of gently-pureed chipotle peppers in adobo sauce--over the grilled steak, next time--might just bring you a little taste of heaven. :)

    Have a beautiful Easter!

  9. Let's hope it's not in WideScreen!


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