20 April 2011


First thing I did after the staples came out
was cut off some of this shaggy hair!

My hair grows fast - and there's lots of it!

The guy that cut it is famous...
He had a chain of stores in the 70's
- before the SuperCuts came in - 

So this hair cut is the real deal!
Probably one of the best I've had.

So I tooled around Downtown Garland the other day.
The census says Garland's population is 250,000.
But I'd say you could add a bit to that and still be right.

If anyone ever comes to visit, I'd take them
to the square. They are re-vitalizing
all the little downtown squares in all the small towns...

My CrossFit gym is downtown!

Any given Saturday night,  people show up with instruments 
in hand, to play BlueGrass... It's non-venue, non-sponsored - 
just a bunch of musicians and fans playing music
for the sake of playing music.

Even if you don't like BlueGrass per se - 
it's still pretty fun!

Coffee shops with cool music for the tragically hip

And then, there's the park.... with all the requisite cute animals
Can you see them? They're in the shade.
I think it's Dr Dillamond?

Good old Garland High School -
The building is cool - build in the 1930's
Work Projects Era.... and still the same!

Love the B 52's Downtown
Reminds me of my youte.
(What's a "youte!?")

Still doing great after the closed head injury
slash concussion. Still with the black eyes!

Hope your happy day is happy!


  1. You're all neatened up! Yay!

    I loooove the B-52s. Had their albums (first two) on vinyl. Saw them in concert waaaaaaaaaaaaay back when and danced on the tabletop. Rock Lobster and Love Shack and Private Idaho are still some of my prime "I gotta move now!" songs. Gimme a sturdy table. Put on some Channel Z and I'm a -dancing and 19 again!

    Yeah. I'm happy. I want us all to be real happy. A global party of happiness. Yay!

  2. I know what a youte is for sure. I have to say the Blue Grass would be wonderful. I am glad you are doing okay. like your haircut. be well my friend.

  3. A good hair cut by a pro is a MUST after getting staples removed from a head injury!

    Thanks for Garland (love that name for a town) pictures... Spring is its best season, right?

  4. I like the name Garland, too. Like Judy.

  5. Prrrrrrrrrrrrrretty lady! Glad you're staple free.

  6. Yeah!! Excellent do; Garland is GREAT!!

  7. Love the short, short haircut! Looks great on you! So glad the staples are gone.

  8. And............. your back!! :)

  9. Adorable hair! Lovely art deco on theater. Cool Works Project, too. (How I long to return to the Works Project Era Thinking: All for One and One for All...before my time, of course, but nice to imagine many people building many things for everyone to use and enjoy, right here in this land of plenty.)

    I always enjoy your photos. What an interesting eye on the world! Thanks!

  10. Glad you got the staples out and as always, I do your do. I wish my hubby wouldn't fuss about short hair for me. I love my hair super short but he wants me to let it grow. I have to say so that the longer it gets the thinner it looks.

  11. Great haircut! Your hair always looks great...it is like you have magic hair.

    Thanks for the tour of Garland!

  12. Thanks - I do for a fact have lots of hair....
    No need to stress over a bad cut....
    It will grow back in no time!
    That's one thing I have always been grateful for!

  13. Great haircut and I love the "My Cousin, Vinnie" reference. Funny movie. I meant to email you while I was Grand Prairie to see if you wanted to have lunch or something together, but time got away from me. Maybe, next time!!

  14. Hey, Miss Mommie -
    Next time, for sure!
    And thanks!

  15. Garland looks great :)

    Glad you got a good staple free hair cut!


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