25 May 2010

phantom of the opera

....fat again like Oprah

In sweets he sang to me, in dreamsicles he came,
That voice which calls to me, and speaks my name
And do I dream again? For now I find
I'm fat again like O-pa-rah - it's there inside my mind.

Eat once again with me, our strange diet
My power over you grows stronger yet
And though you turn from me to glance at your behind
You're fat again like O-pa-rah - it's there inside your mind!
Eat my Angel food cake! Eat for me!

Phantom Of The Opera

Seduced by dreams of forbidden foods.....
Just a bit - what will it hurt?
Who will know?
How irresistible and desirable it seems
when you are hungry.....
Down once more to the dungeons of my dark despair!
And all that....


Monster LoCarb Energy drink w/ protein
Hamburger patty, cashews, no coffee
And an Atkins bar...
Monster Milk brand protein drink - too much protein today...
Wallpaper paste. Finger nails.
Rusty nails, cans, buckets, and lip gloss.
And that lip gloss was something good!


  1. Okay, I can dig this more than CATS, even though I don't care for that show much more than I do the feline one. Do something from Spamalot!

  2. And I am still hungry!
    I didn't go away on it's own.
    It got a wee little bit worser.
    And Jack - I can do Spamalot -
    Cuz I like Spam...alot!

  3. oh i hate that.

    drink lots of water?? will it help?

    I've been freezing grapes and eating them slowly.. mmmmmm ..but grapes might be too carby for you?

  4. You don't even want to know where I just was and what I just ate! I am having one of those kinds of days too. But I draw the line at lip gloss. ;)

  5. I've actually had a few lip glosses that smell better than food :)

  6. "Wallpaper paste. Finger nails. Rusty nails, cans, buckets, and lip gloss." I'm pretty sure there are no carbs in any of those :-)

    Hope the hunger pangs went away Anne. Hang in there.

  7. JJ -
    No carbs AND a great source of iron!

  8. very good ! xoxoxo

  9. My favorite show/musical ever! LOL what you did to the lyrics:)

  10. Un oh, hunger pains. You can do it though. You have come a long way. Better than I could.

  11. Some days I find I'm hungrier than others. Seems to be no real rhyme or reason. I eat a little soemthing extra if the tummy is rumbling - fruit or some veggies.

  12. So when even the mega celebs with their personal chefs and trainers can't get their sh*t together, I'm supposed to be all comforted? Oy vey.


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