before and during - and after

March 2009

Guess my weight?
I never weighed before I started LoCarbing.
So I was probably in the 230's.
I first weighed in at 205 - 
Two full months after Induction and 
Serious Low Carb "Dieting!"

I wore size 2x scrubs, and women's blouse size 24.
Jeans sized 48. Bra 48DD.
I am only 5'2" and was 49 years old.

March 2009
Before I started my LC diet

June 2009
After Induction and 90 days into my diet

September 2009

September 2009
In the airport - going to Canada - Half way to go!

July 2010

October 2010 - who's that? [lol]

March 2011 
145 - 150 range

 Dec 2011 - lots of CrossFit
Gained almost 10 pounds of muscle!
But wear a smaller size!

May 2012

June 2012...still wearing a medium scrub
Don't know my weight - about 150
It stays in that range -
And varies +/- 5 pounds now and again.

Weight is 155... July 2013
I lose a bit in the summer and try to lose a bit more in the winter!
Still in my "range".... 
I have not given up on the infamous "last 10 pounds"...
But I no longer stress about it!
It's all about health, not numbers on a scale!

More to come - thanks for reading!
When you are ready to try LoCarb,
Let me know how well you did on it!