19 July 2016

labs 2016

LDL about the same....
HDL down a little... 
I suspected this after my injury, 
Since HDL is protective....

Also, I suspected that all the inflammation 
With my broken leg - would bring down the HDL.
And I was right!

Triglycerides up a little...
Also suspected this since I went up in carbs...
For the Protein -Sparing effect they have
(I went up to about 60 a day)
That was sure to follow

The Ratios. Always good to know.
It says the Total Cholesterol is high,
Just because of the high HDL. So no worries. 

Total Cholesterol is HDL + LDL + 20% of the Triglycerides.
Non HDL is Total Chol minus HDL.
It should be greater than the LDL.

Many thanks to Direct Labs (link)
And NO I don't get any money from them.
I just like that you can get labs done there.

I usually like LabCorp.
Today I used Quest. And I liked it!
Overall a very good experience!

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  1. Google Direct Labs for a Discount Code.. they usually have one or a special of some sort...


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