25 October 2015

cozy autumn

Not me, per se

Finally  - 
Truth in advertising!

Got a covered parking slot -
Can't see myself scraping ice 
With my leg being broken

Cream Cheese "Pancake"
One package CC, 4 eggs - 
Sweeter if desired... cook like a pancake!

So much has changed since I first started Low Carb!

And some things never ever change. 
Like Breakfast for Dinner

Traffic - never stops

Cleaning and making a fire...
Lint from the Dryer - save up all year
Is the #1 fire-starter!

Cleaning all the closets

Soup - this is still from the other night -
Cozy - it's about 50 at night,
And in the 60's in the day!

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  1. Hi Anne, I've been thinking about you and hoping the storms aren't too bad in your area!
    xo jj


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