21 May 2015

labs 5/15

My Latest Lab Values!
 Not too shabby!

LDL a bit high, but very time I do the VAP,
All my molecules are soft and fluffy!

HDL - out of this world - :D

H A1c - too high for my liking, 
But we'll see!

The big news is that my IRON came up from 19 to 45 
Still on the low side (35 to 155) 
But I am out of the woods for anemia and getting better all the time! 

Gotta do the ratios!


  1. Nice work, Miss A!!!

  2. Keep it up! love the Breaking Bad pic.

  3. Just want to say I love this: "Put down the carbs and no one gets hurt". Ah, it's so hard though. Anytime I "put down the carbs", someone almost gets hurt I become so cranky! LOL


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