24 March 2015

sorta east texas day

Time to eat - looks like it!

Porky's in Kaufman!

I had the Fat Boy - 
Half Fat and half Meat....
They gentleman did not want to sell it to me!
Maybe the best BBQ I have ever hd!

Now more Fuji Film  :'(

Where's Winnie and 
The Man In The Yellow Suit?

Small town WalMarts.
Pronounced Wall - MARKS...

This, ladies and germs - 
Is why you should ALWAYS wash your hands
When you come in from a day out - of shopping - or anything
Make your first stop the SINK -
And you won't be chronically ill! (as much)

Some things are worth driving back for -
Like THIS! hahaha

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  1. love yr photos jealous u have flowers down there !

    xoxooox nyc


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