13 February 2015

tis but a scratch

I love going to the Farmers Market in Downtown Dallas

Got some Quail Eggs 

Been making Soups and Broths

RibEye Steaks with Quail Eggs



Tis But a Scratch!

Gosh - the busy-ness never ends.
Blogging like a fool (that I am)
On FaceBook etc.. 
Big news in the Low Carb world...
Suddenly, everyone is talking about how fat is GOOD for us!
I sure hope they emphasize that just Saturated Fat is good ...
The PUFA's are still evil - 

(thanks dallas morning news for the pic)
It's good to know when you've backed the right horse!


  1. Hi Anne!
    You never post about your weight or labs lately - how's it going? You look like you're at wnl weight :) We followers need your success as inspiration!
    Thanks and bye from frigid NYC :) !

    1. WNL = what?
      I am at 5 pounds up. That scale won't budge! Still at it full on though - lots of good news in the medical field that LC is coming to the forefront! Carbs are just not what the body needs. And those of us who have like 100 or even 50 pounds of excess weight... well.... carbs are not our friend!

    2. In Nursing, WNL is Within Normal Limits!
      So yeah! That is me!

  2. Nice day out in Dallas, lots of great food, and a picture of you! What could be better?!


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