17 June 2014

and the beat goes on

Oopsie Rolls from the best blogger in the world
Jamie! (link)

I use Cocktail Shrimp
So they are already cooked - Just sauté
Or fry - if you are a Texan

Roasted Veggies -
Soooo easy - add any Veggie you like -
This is Cauliflower, Brussels Sprouts, and Tomatoes 
Olive Oil, Balsamic Vinegar and Spices -
Cook at 350 or so for 30 minutes... as you like it

Dinner with Sherri

Blackened - not Burned 


The idea is that "you" can cook a meal 
With different kinds of meat - or fish

This one hates Salmon - That one hates Chicken
No worries - and hassle - just put them a ll in the oven 
With equal ease.

Still doing induction and averaging about a pound 
Every other day now -
The red shirt is around Easter .... helping with Easter Dinner... 
THIS is the picture that are me realize I had really gained!
That is what 20 pounds of re-gain looks like on a 5'2" frame.
A little loss in the battle of the bulges.
And the black shirt is me as of this week
But I don't fret it because I have the tool box -
And this is how far I've come in total!
It's good to be able to look back at that and say -


  1. It also helps to have a flattering shirt and a flattering camera angle - just saying!

  2. Wow, Miss A! I would love to join you and Sherri for a Monday night cooking extravaganza. Everything looks so good!

  3. Not to mention the best.dimples.ever!

  4. You guys have such fun-& good food. Too bad I'm in Massachusetts!

  5. Good on ya! And, yes, I think the red shirt was a poor camera angle but if you had gained 20, good you stopped there. My 20 become 92 really quick!

  6. Those extra pounds are melting right off you! You are going to blow away on a gusty Texas day before long.

  7. You still look good enough to eat!

  8. Oh my--it all looks soooooo good!!! Including you!


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