22 November 2013

pre-holiday gather around

Same thing applies to Holiday "Treats"
And over-eating in general.
Make that over-indulging in general!

Awesome ideas from
The Paleo Miracle Book (link)

From Atkins 72
Reprinted here in 96

Must be alright!!


  1. What book are you reading, Miss Anne??

    Your fried cheese looks amaaaaaaaaaazing.

  2. Atkins '72! The re-print... But still - the real deal.
    And yes - the cheese was amazing!

  3. Good and wise words. I wish I could follow them. With Thanksgiving coming up it is hard to stay on plan. My daughter is cooking this year so we won't have all those unhealthy leftovers here in our house. Bethany wants us to weight until the day after to start dieting together. Her plan isn't as low carb as mine is but I think it will work for her.

  4. I've been on low-carb for the past 6 weeks, approximately, and I have lost a bit of weight (I'm guessing 10 lbs). But most of all, I just feel fantastic. Now I'll leaving on a cruise, and I am scared I will go crazy and gain it all back. I know you have been on a few cruises (albeit "low carb" cruises)... do you have any tips for staying low carb on a cruise ship?

    1. wowowow yay!
      I LOVE how good I feel on LC.
      I believe a person could lose weight on a cruise if they are careful.
      Just watch the desserts. It is often the little things that add up.
      Meat and Veggie or Salad. Hold the buns!
      I love to tell people to hold my buns. lol

    2. I was trying on some "summer" clothes this morning, that I was going to take on the cruise. I tried them on about a month ago and they were SO tight. So after low-carbing it for a while, I figured they might fit me now. But they are TOO LOOSE now! A good problem to have, I guess. :-)

      Thanks for the tips! I will ask my husband to hold my buns! LOL

  5. Hold the buns! You are too funny, Miss A! This post is chock full of great advice. Thanks for the reminders.


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