03 May 2012

counting the days

Took some so-called butter back to the store...
One is Kerry Gold Grass fed... 
The other is not. I have become a food snob.
The other yukky one has "natural flavors" added.
And the butter was unsalted - so it was not salt.
No time for fake buttah.

I'm packing to leave in 48 hours!

I packed one day's worth of clothes into each baggie.
That way, I can just pick a baggie - and go. They are already
as matched up as they are going to get with me.
I am not a Clothes Horse!

Still cooking alot - I like that.
I cook for people any chance I get!
Like this Shrimp in Butter

Ground Sirloin with Shrimp and Bacon
And a sliver or two of Pepper and Onion...

Oh - and Bacon - seen here with Cream Cheese!
Something so good - it should be illegal!

Of course, Annie comes up to inspect and cry.
She cries when she sees me SOOOO much
That the neighbors come out to look.

I added some PVC pipes to the Pool Noodles...
Such great support for my upper back!
You know that little "fat hump" people sometimes
have on the upper back? Mine is all but gone!
(Found a video on YouTube - link)

And of course I did the hair.
I am expecting lots of sun!

And Bacon.

Lots of Bacon!
I'm really not that into Bacon...
Well, maybe I am... but I'm sure it is just a phase!


  1. The noodles help with the back hump thingy??? I NEED that. We will talk, cabin neighbor! Also, we will have matching baggies. :D See you in 3 days!!

  2. Ok. Here's a family favorite. Cut bacon into dices. Cook. Mix into cream cheese with salt and pepper. Spoon into jalapeno halves(lengthwise) and bake until the cream cheese is melty and the peppers are softened.


  3. Bacon and cream cheese stuffed into mushrooms is really, really, really good. It's almost here...CRUISE TIME!

  4. Bacon and cream cheese! Oh, my. And what VAl N. said...must have.

    Happy sailing :)

  5. Bacon makes everything....better. And bacon'ier :)


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