31 January 2013

hi sweetie!

Last year, I really wanted to go to Atkins phase 3.
Where you add back 5 carbs.... Then 10... then 15....
Till you find your magic number!

I carefully weighed and measured every bite.
Japanese Sweet Potatoes... my former fave!

What I found out is that I can not have everything I want.
Some Bloggers told me to go for it!
Some told me to stop and think first.
Took me 6 months to get rid of those extra 
10 pounds that I gained.
So my magic number is pretty low!

Now, I read some of the crap online
I once believed with all my heart...
And it breaks my heart to think how much lies,
and filthy crap is out there - about diet and weight loss.
I guess we are (at times) happily desperate, 
and want to believe in the hope it offers.

If a day has gone by in 4 years when someone has not
challenged me about Saturated Fats....or PUFAs (gasp)
EVEN from Nurses and Docs who can see my weight loss - 
And lab values! 
Some of the controversy is just mean-spirited.
Some of it is just to sell books.
Some of it is contrived to stir up controversy.
Some of it is just ignorant parroting of old data.
And some of it is just stupid junk - not worth a second look.
In ten years, new discoveries will have been made, 
and we are all going to be fixated on the next big thing.
And yet, the bottom line is the same:
Eat Real Food, and don't worry too much about it.

Just this week, a guy told me to carefully wipe the fat off
of all the veggies.. and to only use margarine.
And to eat more chicken - less beef. 
Cuz it's better for ya. Whatever, dude.
The theme of the day is EAT REAL FOOD!

Crustless Quiche, anyone?

So now- here's what I stick with.
LoCarb - and some most days Zero Carb
Moderate Protein 60 - 70 grams
Sometimes more... with ZC, it is easy to do! 
Still 4 to 5 grams PUFA a day max 
[Sometimes 6 G's - *gasp*]
Adding MUFA (evoo) 
[I will soon be cooking for others at work,
And EVOO is one thing we can all agree on.]

More MCT [medium chain triglycerides]
In pure form, or coconut oil.
Still higher amounts of longer chain Saturated Fats
Now most of my beef is Grass Fed.
And most eggs are from a pasture.
I do not like the way the animals are treated in CAFO situations.
And the food quality is higher when the 
Animals get better food and treatment.
THEY eat GMO soy - WE eat GMO soy by-products.

No Dairy [except for every now and then]
The dairy was giving me reflux - so out it went!
But the reflux is gone, since I don't eat past 6 or 7 pm.
Good amounts of butter - grass fed and goat butter (yum)
Goat Butter is my new fave! 

And none - to very little - Splenda or artificial sweeteners.
No drinking - except for very special occasions.
And "Friday" is not really a special occasion!
Except for Cruises - every day is "special" on a cruise.

The biggest change lately is my appetite.
Since I had two kinds of flu - about 2 weeks ago,
I eat about half of what I was eating before.
I have no appetite at all, and have to remind myself to eat!
And some foods just don't appeal to me, like they did before. 
Which is a good thing!


  1. I honestly think that each person has their own individual needs. You've done great listening to the way your body responds to different fuel and adjusting accordingly. We all need to learn to do that and pitch those crazy food pyramids out the window! Most of us simply need to quiet our minds long enough to be able to hear what the body is trying to tell us!

  2. You are my inspiration!!! Love you Miss A!

  3. "And most eggs are from a pasture."

    And all these years I thought eggs came from birds! ha ha ha!

    I've been trying to convince Mr. Pea for years that I need some yard chickens for eggs. Free Roaming yard chickens who eat natural things, like bugs and grain. He's not sold...yet. :)

  4. I'll admit one of my frustrations is all the conflicting info out there. Oh, the glaring errors don't bother me, now that I know better.

    But things like veggies: yes or no. Micro-nutrients that They say we must get from the veggies. Have you found this true?? I know you can't "prescribe"... but have you found you do better with lots of veggies for "fiber" and "micro-nutrients" that They recommend?

    And, I am so glad you are finally feeling better!

  5. You've found what works best for you and honestly there's not many people that do. You have definitely earned the right to keep your head up and with a smile show people exactly what you know to be true.

  6. Hi Anne.

    I'm leaning more and more toward very low carb. Hard on a veggie lover but doing blood ketones is telling a story.

    I think too I must be active on a more regular basis but I guess that's not something a go-go lady like you needs to worry about. I'm just too much of a couch potato except there's not much potato around.

    You keep on inspiring me and I wish I could meet you on the cruise. Maybe one day *smiles*



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