24 April 2012

kitchen days

Tried to cook a steak.. it was yukky. Tough. Bah!
Since I don't have a dog, I threw the steak into a pan,
And made some Steak Soup.

Cooked all night.... low and slow...
Fell apart like a blogger with a donut!
But with better results!

The so-called Virgin Coconut Oil....
Just can't stand the smell of it - the taste of it.
It might be good in a smoothie... or a coconut dish.

But this is the expeller pressed - more yellow...

Look at all the solids in the Coconut Oil.

Went into the sunshine today -
It was about 80 - just right for Spring!

Strained the Coconut Oil in this metal coffee cone strainer....
Comes in very handy! Also good for broth....
And coffee!

Made a little batch of Coconut Oil with less solids.

Nasty stuff still didn't melt even in the full sun.
And Coconut Oil should be liquid at 76 degrees or so

So yeah - getting better and better -
Still loving the so-called BulletProof Coffee...
Coffee with butter and coconut oil...
Waiting for my MCT oil to arrive!
And Cruising into Cruise mode!


  1. You are going to have SO MUCH fun in the sun!

  2. Look at you doing coconut oil science!

  3. I still haven't been able to find the coconut oil around here. I may need to try a health food store. I envy you your cruise. I would love to be somewhere tropical right now.

  4. Fool proof steak: sear in hot oil in metal pan (cast iron is best) must be hot hot hot. Sear both sides. Put pan in 350 oven until your preferred temp. Always perfect!!! I learned that from watching Gordon Ramsay on TV :)

  5. "Fell apart like a blogger with a donut!" ahahha! Classic! For real you do look like a chemist with the coconut oil and thermometer. Steak soup looks great!

  6. And don't forget to say while looking awesome!!!

  7. Steak soup...love it. The coconut oil we get is luverly!


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