26 March 2012


Steak is cheaper than ground beef this week.
Go figure!

Sometimes the camera angle makes it look like 
Maybe I am 12 months preggers... with twins.
One minute later I look like my old self. Posture?
Maybe I'm a "Changeling"? 
These are the pictures that never make it into the mix! 
Pants falling off... shirt too baggy...
It's still abdominal - camera angle or not!

A VLC diet for me now... way back to just about Zero Carb
for two weeks - Induction!
I go there every time I need to "clean up" a bit...
Couple times a year.... just keeping between the lines!

Still no coffee... no wine.... no carbs!
This is some hot tea. With coconut oil. Yum!

I am finally over the anger phase of thinking that
some people out there can eat whatever they want
and still be ok. I myself can not.
And that is just a fact.

This pre-occupation with all things weight-loss
was quickly becoming a religion for me.
Time to lose my religion!

Protein shake, anyone?
They are pretty damn good.


  1. After seeing that picture, I was mildly obsessed
    with my weight.... for the rest of the day! :(

  2. I'm doing moderate carb for now until I get some basic eating under control. Still counting but doing better than when I was completely out there. I wish I had the willpower to do induction but I just don't right now. I feel my energy draining when I go no carb and feel just terrible and weak. I know the feeling will pass after a couple of weeks but I need to get my act together before I attempt something that restrictive again. I wish you the best with induction. Maybe I will see you there again soon.

  3. Ummmm... I'm pretty sure that's horse steak...

    1. The guy who was selling it from the trunk of his car last night -
      He said it wasn't...it seemed legit at the time....

      lol... actually it's really good stuff from Market Street...
      I'm on my way there right now to get some more!

    2. Looks great. You've done so well. What an inspiratioin you are! X

  4. Yeah, what is up with ground beef being "on sale" for 2.99 a lb??

  5. http://www.atkins.com/Program/Phase-1/What-You-Can-Eat-in-this-Phase.aspx Is this still about the same as the Atkins induction phase from the 70s? Are you following this plan? I'd like to try it for a couple of weeks, myself! :-)

    Also, I'm sure I could find the old books at the library and do this research, myself. Hee.

    1. That is it exactly. Atkins '72!
      Best of luck to you Princess Jami!

  6. I wish I could learn to love meat.

  7. I like protein shakes very much. I like any drink I can make in the blender especially if I add fruit. I am craving fruit these days.

  8. "This pre-occupation with all things weight-loss
    was quickly becoming a religion for me.
    Time to lose my religion!"

    You know, I am convinced that in order to be successful in the LONG run, we go through stages. And it's okay! We kinda obsess on a topic, and learn, get what we need, then move on. So I totally understand this! I'm tired of visiting wt loss forums and reading nothing new, but just the same ole same ole, and it's sort of like being stuck in mud. Time to aggressively move forward! Can't wait to see what new topics will be popping up here. :-D

    And tea with coconut oil...hmmm, never tried that. If I get brave, I'll give it a whirl.


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