09 June 2010

and they're off!

Welcome to today's race at the "WatchMyWeightGo" Downs!

They're at the gate.....and they're off!

Jumping out of the starting gate is NotMe
With EyeSuck close behind.....
And it's No-NotAgain following up (again) in rare form....

Coming around the curves is EnoughAlready
But wait (butt weight?) -  here comes ScalesLie 
with OhMyGosh following right on his heels (hoofs?)

Good Golly! This is going to be a close one, ladies and germs!

Now, from the outside, comes the local favorite Bingie
Just passing the former champ YesICan!

Oh, no - from out of nowhere comes NoWay
And as they round the final curve it's BellyFlop out in front
Just a nose ahead of LapBand in the final lap!

Down the stretch comes StretchMark,
Right on his tail is his close contendor FlabbyAss!
EyeQuit has suddenly broken from the pack and taken the lead!

Around the final bend comes YesICan, and NoWay tied neck-and-neck!
A close second is EyeQuit! Followed from behind by AreWeThereYet.

And crossing the finish line is AreWeThereYet in first place!
Immediately thereafter is YesICan and IWannaCry in solid third!

This morphed from a email someone sent me 
to this diet blog.... Poor thing!
It helps if you do the "horse race announcer" voice!


  1. My fave is "Bingie!"
    Hope you are having a great day!
    And another one tomorrow.

  2. I should have bet the trifecta.

  3. This was funny, you are so creative my friend. are you a betting gal. have a great day Anne, always a pleasure.

  4. Love it! You nailed all of the aspects of weight loss.

  5. LOL That was funny. Very clever.
    Bingie made me laugh. We used to get these things called Bingles when we went camping. They were like a twinkie but made with red velvet cake. We called them Binges because that's what they made you do. :) A Bingie would have been a better name.

    ((HUGS)) and smiles.

  6. It really is a race isn't it? You are the winner no matter what the name.

  7. AreWeThereYet paid out at what? I have a ticket for that bet somewhere, where is it??

  8. AreWeThereYet was even money.
    Sorry, I don't know from betting.
    Or horsies.

    At least I'm not the horse they had to shoot.

  9. What a mind you have.....love it.....:-) Hugs

  10. Just popped by to say thank you so much for that hug, it was so needed.

    You are Special



  11. YOU are the winner!!!


  12. Great idea about the skipping lunch and donating food or money instead.

    I don't skip any more meals...I did that enough when my son was small and there wasn't enough for both of us.

    Have a wonderful Friday Anne. Sending you big hugs from way up here in Canada...did I ever mention I live 45 minutes from the US? LOL!

  13. just popping in from vacay to say Hi! :)

  14. M'dear, methinks your potassium levels may be on the low side (re: lack of energy).


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