18 April 2010

lo carb foods

A short list of LoCarb friendly items...
I made this collage in photobucket from my own pics!
Of and from my own actual meals.
No shortage of real and good food here.
Any questions? Email me. I love to talk LoCarb!
Mind the cape, please!
This was "way" back in February 2010
Sit.....stay....stay..... good girl!
"Doggie-Style" Revenge?
Payback's a "Bitch"?
Brownie Noser?


  1. Just made this collage of some LoCarb items.
    Wanted to see how it looks.
    Good enough to eat?

  2. Great collage and has all good food, I am trying to figure out what you don't eat....Hugs

  3. good food...that brownie looks killer...can't remember the last time I had a brownie.
    Bet you can't either.

  4. I love to eat lo-carb ;) Hey, is that the LoCarb Caped Crusader?!!

    There better be some miles to go with that brownie. I'm just sayin...

  5. Great shots Anne, and well did you eat the brownie, did ya, did ya....I had visions that it was just a photo prop. lol.

  6. A few years ago I had great success on a low carb diet. I missed risotto so much, I broke the diet and then quit smoking, all in the same week!! VOILA, I gained 40 quick and easy pounds. Still workin' on those nasty pounds.

  7. Mmmm. Crab legs. I need them. And a brownie. Must have brownie.

    Love the cape. Super Lo Carb to the rescue.

  8. It all looks delicious. You do eat well, so good for you. You did a good job on the collage.

  9. LOL Love the cape and the brownie nosing.

    Low carb can be great. I did veggie & low carb last night. I think. I'm no low carb expert.

  10. Very good collage! Love the cookie photo too.
    Are green split peas and barley lentils low carb???? I made a lovely soup with them yesterday .. so yum but not sure if it was low carb?

  11. Love the food :) And i vote for brown nosing!!

  12. You slay me! Love the cape and the brownie.

    The collage is a masterpiece. I might have to move all my pics over to photobucket and have me some fun.

  13. I didn't know you went back to collage. Good for you, Anne!

    you know I want to know how to do this, don't you.

    You and your cute food pics ... so much fun!

  14. I know I have harrassed you about the pics but now I get it. Good job!

  15. I love the things you can eat on the low carb diet! Who knew?
    Just no sweets - basically and no grains or starches.
    That makes sense for a weight loss diet! Just like Mom used to say "That bread is fattening!" or "That pie is fattening!" Obviously!

  16. Avocado never runs out in my low carb diet plan since then. :)

  17. Dear carb tripper,
    I reespect your ability to take a lemon and diligently turn it into lemonade. I have been reading about low carbohydrate eating. Dr.s Michael and Mary Dan have written a practical book The 30 day Low-Carb Diet Solution. The book has over 100 pages of low carbohydrate recipies in it. Clearly Low-Carbohydrate eating is not boring.

    I'll follow your blog and am interested in your journey.

  18. wow! This is a good diet. I will sure try it.


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