31 March 2011

two years LoCarb*ing

March 2009 - body

March 2009 - face

July 2009 - body

July 2009 - face

March 2010 -body

March 2010 - face

March 2011 - body

March 2011 - face

The blonde hair - 
Maybe helps lighten up the whole scene!

This next year - and in years to come -
my goal is to be more strong and healthy.

I already eat fairly "clean"
Although not organic -
My usual meal is a big salad and some meat -
More chicken and fish -
But still good amounts of beef and bacon!!

☞(And I forgot to mention- a ton of veggies -
usually roasted - or raw...in the salad!)☜

I do eat processed food - in the form of whey protein....
And every now and then, a "treat" - as in cake or cookies....
By that, I mean only one or twice a year!
Cuz really - there are better "treats"
that are more compatible with a LoCarb Lifestyle!

And water, water, water.

My other goal is to get more serious about fitness.
Now that I have the ability to endure the routines!

My new "motto" is that you can have fitness 
at any age, any weight, any level of health or mobility.

Rolling on the floor laughing
So thanks, my dear Bloggers -
For being with me for two full years of LoCarbing!
And almost two years of blogging!
 (May 2009)
Here's to many more - for all of us!!

This is what people say to me now!
Thanks for reading along!


  1. Congrats! You look marvelous!!!

  2. What a difference in those pics... and with the blonde locks, no wonder people don't recognize you. :-D

  3. 2 years! Really? Nice goin', kiddo!

  4. I hope you are sufficiently proud of what you've accomplished, Anne. You've given yourself a different path in life. Good job!

  5. Thank YOU, Anne, for this beautiful blog. You are a constant source of inspiration to me. Congrats, you've done a great job and look wonderful, you have that glow of health shining around you. Oh and, I love that video. :)

  6. Love that you have photographic evidence along the way. I bet you almost don't even know that woman from 2009 anymore, do you?

  7. Thanks y'all!
    And Helen - I relate less and less to the "me" I once was....
    in every way! It's nice to have accomplished a "large" goal!
    And nicer to like my life again!

  8. Happy Blogiversary Anne! You have some such a long way - and just look so much lighter in spirit as well as body.

  9. You look great, Anne and have done so well. I'm just starting to understand the whole visceral fat issue you mention from time to time. My husband and I are going on a low carb Primarian Diet tomorrow.

  10. No thank you very much!! For everything :)

  11. Happy anniversary! You have helped me a lot, and I am staying with you. Great pics!

  12. Quite the transformation. So how many pounds have you lost?

    You look great. Time to get some more form fitting clothes? ;-)

  13. "More strong and healthy" is naturally the next step and I'm looking forward to the creative and playful way you will approach your next goal. Thank You for always keeping us in mind and sharing that big heart of yours. It seems the more weight you loose the bigger your heart gets :)

  14. You are too cute! I love how you're wearing your "Wicked" tee shirt and got "in the acting moment" just before you started your presentation.

    I have no doubt people are absolutely shocked when they see you. As I look back on your photos it's clearly an awesome transformation and I'm not just talking about the blond hair! Since the beginning and since we first met one year ago, you've not only lost the weight but you've lost so much of the baggage that came with it and you are absolutely glowing these days! There is an overall lightness about you and I'm thrilled for you.

    LOVE-- "Fitness at any age, any weight, any level of health or mobility". That's a great tagline and way of thinking, Anne.

    You are rocking!!! Keep up the good work! xo jj

  15. True inspiration. Thank you!

  16. And you are ...... what - 50 years old?
    That's really awesome - I don't think you look 50 y ears old!

  17. Why thank you - and yes!
    I am 50 years old.

  18. Your March 2009 picture is what I first saw of you when I first found your blog. Don't know now how I found it. I thought in the picture you looked like me and my sister. I knew I liked you from the get go. You have gone through quite a transformation. :)

  19. Thanks - I don't think I would have done so well
    If not for my good friends in BloggyLand -
    Many of whom I think of as friends now in "real life!"
    And SheZug - you were my first commenter ever!

  20. Oh my gosh, you are just the cutest thing..and I adore your accent.

    Can't wait to meet you!

  21. Congratulations on two locarb years!

    The pics are so different...you have done a phenomenal job!

    Your motto rocks!

  22. You rock!!! 2 years.... Wow!!!you have the low carb lifestyle :)

  23. Thanks everyone - for such kind and supportive word and comments! It really means the world to me - and I could never have had such a happy recovery process without you all here with me every day, and every step (and mis-step) along the way! Thank You with all my heart!

  24. Thank you...I needed to see those pictures!!! Right now, as you well know, Ive been locarbing for um, i dont know 8+ months. Lately Ive been feeling all weird and thinking some self-sabotaging thoughts--not good! These pics and this post are very encouraging to me! You are the bomb my dear!

  25. You look wonderful :) loved the video too :) Congrats on 2 yrs of hard work and great success! Yes, I'm behind lol


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