02 March 2011

spring day

A lucky shot - looking up

More buds overnight

I keep doing this

Don't mind me -
I'm just waiting for a train....

Fried Spam, Fried Cheese
and Eggs.

Served with Picante - of course.

Pretending my best to be normal...
whatever that means....
My neighbor sat my broody butt down 
and told me something like
"You can't change your mind by controlling your behavior,
But when you change your mind, it changes your behavior."

People probably think I'm vexed.
I guess I am at that.

One good thing - I'm not a binge eater!

Training for Patience!


  1. Thanks for the reminder to look up. I don't want to miss anything and many times if I look up there is an awesome view.

  2. Spring - awwww... I'm envious. We are experiencing such cold snowy weather now - well I'm just tired of it and really would love to see some new growth happening :)

  3. Spring? I'm jealous. We've been inundated by Winter all February. I think we're in the 40's today. Heatwave.

  4. Oh lucky you Spring, seems so near and so very far away. have a great week Anne. hugs.

  5. I don't eat meat, but your "Fried Spam, Fried Cheese and Eggs" made me SUPER hungry (and slightly sad that I gave up the juicy, tasty stuff). :)

    LOVE your posts. All of 'em.

  6. Ahh, a lovely Spring shot. Awesome.

  7. Spring? What's that again??? I am so, so, so, very sick of Winter and Cold. Yes, Cold is now personified...I wish I could kick it's a$$.

    Love the looking up pic - that is gorgeous and gives me hope that Spring might find its way North..any minute now would be good.

  8. Oh i wish i could see signs of spring here :)

  9. That fry up looks great! I love bacon and eggs every weekend! There is usually some cheese in there too.

    You vexed? Really? Truly? You are so kind and loving...how can this be?

  10. I like that...

    "You can't change your mind by controlling your behavior,But when you change your mind, it changes your behavior."

    I gotta go google vexed...

  11. Ooh, what a pretty bud shot.

    What's with the spillage? Over excited at the prospect of spring? ; )

    And I've never had Spam. It's pretty much just ham, I'm guessing...and I love ham and eggs and cheese. LOOOOOOOVE it...especially in a scramble or omelette form. :)

  12. no buds here yet but, im sure they are planning to bust out at any moment! hope you're vexed feeling dissapates soon!!!

  13. I see some stuff coming up in the yard, I'm ready for Spring. Your neighbor is a smart cookie :) *hugs*

  14. But oh that train!!! I counted and counted..


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