25 March 2011

rim hike

Love me some Smokey da Bear!

Yes, that is snow!

The Rim Trail goes right up to the rim!
I went for 3 hours..... probably 4 miles....maybe 5

Most of the trail is paved -
even wheelchair accessible!

There are parts, though, that are quite steep
and muddy and icy!

An earnest little painter

They have benches and even bathrooms along the way

And a free shuttle service that you just hop on 
and hop off - they stop every half mile or so

I hiked for almost three hours 
then took the shuttle to the end..... and back.

The whole trail is like 14 miles!
They offer sunrise and sunset tours -

The trail ends at Hermit's Rest....
With this large hearth and cozy fireplace
And hot apple cider or hot chocolate if you are so inclined!

Found a cute little motel with all the comforts of home
And very nice people - and wifi - of course!


  1. Such fantastic pictures! You must be having such an amazing time! I am sooooo envious and in desperate need of a vacation!

  2. Love you riding the mule...is there anything you won't try? Hot air balloon, parasailing...what could be next on this wonderful adventure???

    Pictures are stunning as always.

  3. Thanks - did the hot air balloon on last year's vacation!

  4. More amazing photos... especially that second one with snow at the rim. Just Wow!

  5. Thanks - About half of these pics are taken with my trusty cell phone!

  6. awesome!!! did the hermit have anything to EAT at his rest stop? hehehe!! you are a brave traveler indeed--and getting major cardio!


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