12 March 2011

holly wood square

Me posing as a tour guide!
A tourist place

Top down for a great day of sight-seeing

I need a girl friend dot com

Lunch was great

Beer bottle lamp

Playing with carbs

"DG" does not stand for "Dollar General"
And "Juicy" is not a kind of gum!
Oh, the things I am learning out here!

Walking through Hollywood

Vine Street

Hollywood Boulevard

A good amount of walking today!
Wish you were here for sure!
Have a great day - stars and starlets!


  1. Hah, for a moment I thought you were eating fries for real. Looks like you had another super fun day.

    That need a girlfriend site - fun. Gave me a good laugh, although I am not sure if amusing was what the guy was going for. Thumbs up for originality.

    Looking forward to reading about what you do next.

  2. Looks like you are having a great time. :)

  3. I missed you so stopped over to say hello. I see you are in Hollywood, I loved my trip there especially Rodeo Drive....I only window shopped there. So glad you are doing so well....:-)Hugs

  4. I wish I was there too! Hey, turn around, Ohio is the other direction!

  5. BIG WANGS!?????? And what can we buy at Big Wangs might I ask? HAHHA thats great! And I dont know if you ate any of those fries in your pics, but I recall a few posts where you were "playing" with carbs too, I dont know how you stand it. I can avoid cakes and fries and all, but not if they are in my hand or on my face. Then....they are simply CHUM :-D


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