09 March 2011

malibu beach

Went to Malibu Beach

Truly a mecca for moderns

My 5 o'clock shadow

Not a soul was there

Good advice

Forgot to eat today - And was I ever hungry!

Found a little trail

Malibu Hills

Everyone in California must hike 
everywhere they go!

Hope your day is awesome
And filled with Awe!

Wish you were here!


  1. Beautiful photos Anne, thanks for sharing. I hope to be moved back to California (home) within the next year .

  2. Looks like Paradise! Beautiful photos.

  3. Heehee -
    That's a good one, Jack!

  4. Beautiful beach, beautiful sunset, beautiful lady.

  5. Awe !

    That last shot is just perfection!
    That couple doesn't have a clue that the most precious photo of them
    is now circulating the blogosphere. That just blows my mind!

    You musta been in Awe today if you forgot to eat. Awe can do that...
    Love can do that. It's the only diet that really works no matter what you put in your mouth :)

  6. I wish I was there... great pictures and so true... California is gorgeous and there are so many hiking opportunities. Good for you in getting out and about.

    I remain, jealous.

  7. We were there years ago...great memories. We turned our back for a minute from the ocean (climbing over rocks) and heard folks yelling to "look!"...yup, we'd just missed a pod of dolphins! Oh well...

    Where exactly is your trip taking you? What great photos!

  8. PRETTY! I thought those rocks were seals. LOL! Looks amazing. Keep having fun!

  9. You are in the back yard of my youth!! Did you rent a beach cruiser??

  10. Wow! Gorgeous! Hope you're having a great time.

  11. Beautiful!...Do remember to eat and have a great time

  12. Malibu Carbi...why, why must Jack be so funny...D thinks my cheese has slipped off my gluten free cracker.

    Love the pics. I can't believe you are there already! Wow!

  13. Looking pretty slender there, Anne. Hope you're having a great time!

  14. The pictures are so awesome. Thank you Anne for sharing your vacation with us.
    Don't forget to eat, you want the strenght to keep enjoying your vacation.
    Take care my friend. Be careful.

  15. Great pictures! I love the California coast. I wish I was there.

    I'd like to know how you find all these cool places. Did you use a specific book while planning? I'm ready for a road trip now.

  16. Why are YOU there?
    That last photo is amazing.

  17. I found out a secret about me, Chris -
    I live to go to the beach.
    Everything else is incidental.
    I asked the Ocean a question.
    Last year, She answered me, but this year.....
    not so much.
    Now finally, I get my answer!

  18. You look sooooo slim and trip in that picture... happy too!

  19. Your 5 o'clock shadow is TALL!!! :-D

  20. This post makes me miss California! Glad you are having such a good time on your vacation. :)


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