02 March 2011

in like a cowardly lion

This tree always blooms -
And I always go on vacation
(In the merry month of March)

And I always wish not to go
(But I'm always glad I did)
 - Clicking my "heals" together -

How I pass the time of day
when I try to keep from being anxious.
The dreaded HandaSoreAss Rex!
(Ruuunnnn awaaaaaaay!)

I could while away the hours 
Conferrin' with the flowers

Consultin' with the rain.....
Something something something.....
If I only had a brain!
Or a heart. Or courage. 
Or a home. (Toto?)

So once a year I leave the Land Of Poppies (Hospice)
and go to the (modern day) Emerald City  - L.A!

I am not in Kansas any more for sure!
Like any Journey -
it's all about the first few steps. (Just shoot me)

The bell is *always* out of order.
Better learn to knock.
I have really great life-changing things going on -
And I instead, worry about insane things -
that I can't control.

Just lost in a Vortex.
As usual. *sigh*

Shiver-ingly Yours,
Anne H


  1. no worrying.
    no worrying.
    we surely do not wanna PRAY for what we dont want.



  2. Thanks - Miz...
    Here I thought I was actually being Optimistic!
    I am ok, really - just WAY out of my comfort zone these days.

  3. And for you, you forgot one thing: Follow, follow, follow the yellow brick road! You're off to see the Grand Canyon!

  4. Are we still going to try to meet up this trip? I'm moving to Vegas tomorrow!

  5. LOVE the post today. I'm a fan of the Wizard of Oz. I can't wait to hear about you trip to LA. I'm expecting some great photos.

    Love the photo of the tree. What kind is it? It is beautiful.

  6. You were worried about meeting me (which I guess I can understand because I'm crazy! LOL) and see how great that worked out?

    Maybe you're confusing anxiety with looking forward to the trip? Think about all of the fun you'll have! The things you'll see.
    Canyons and camping and rafts. OH MY!

  7. You are right, and I know it, Kelly!
    But dang - I have "Trip Fear" or something!
    I am faking it till I make it....
    but even then, I am not liking it!
    I feel like a freaking cry baby or something.
    I don't even get it myself!

  8. You just get in that car and drive and don't even worry about ringing or a knocking; the door will be unlocked. You just make yourself at home and disregard all the carbs in the cupboard.

    You and truckie have a place to rest.

    Can't wait :)

  9. I totally understand the cry baby thing Anne... but still you are so brave.

    Hold our hands and jump into the joyous days ahead!

  10. love the post...hang in there. it will be worth it in the end.


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