30 March 2011

a quiet day... and a question

A yummy Tex Mex egg scramble

Still unpacking after a long trip.
The living room is a living mess!

Me and Jody eating BBQ

He showed me his phone with all the apps
and all the things it can do.....

Pretty much that is something I need to look into!

It's cold here in the Dallas area - and kinda drizzly!
We watched You Tube video and laughed and ate 
all day long!

I talked to him for hours about my plans for the future.....
Now that the mules have been ridden,
And the weight has been forgiven.
It's good to have people who you can "bounce" ideas
off of - from time to time...

The Space Blanket I had whilst camping -
keeps ya warm in a hurry!

Still adjusting to the time changes 
and vacation. Still contemplating 
what comes next. I have been given a chance 
to involve myself in something that would take my life
into a different direction - that involves weight loss 
and fitness! On a professional level.
Not to leave Nursing. But to add to it!

I am already doing it, so why not make it "formal,"
and take some classes?  Get Certified. 
As in Certified Personal Trainer.
Or Fitness Trainer. Or Strength Trainer.
I can't think of one good reason not to. 
In fact, only good reasons why I should.
My boss actually suggested it!
I think it would make a great goal.

What do you think?
Any ideas? I love and welcome feedback!
I have already spoken to a few people -
Just would really like some opinions!


  1. Some of the adjectives that come through loud and clear from your blog are: enthusiastic, genuine, intelligent, sincere, caring, good humored, determined and creative.

    All those and more would certainly shine through if you made this switch to a career involving weight loss and fitness!

    Since attitudes are contagious, I'm sure you would be great at it, communicating your sincere belief to others. Bottomline, as you know, it's what lights YOU up at the end of the day... what YOU feel you were meant to do.

    It sounds like an exciting opportunity! Can't wait to see how it unfolds.

  2. you know I am so so so so so cheering you on in the endeavor.

  3. Your five pound weight loss while on vacation is proof how amazing you are. Most of us get sloppy while on vacation. I make excuses for eating junk. I am so glad you had a wonderful time and met so many neat people. Now I want to hear more about the job heading in a different direction.

  4. I think if fitness and healthy habits are a way of life on your personal time why not add that into your profesional life as well. Sounds like a great move forward on your career front.

  5. Post-vacation readjusting is tough! Keep us posted with your next big career move ... it sounds like something you'd enjoy and be great at, especially since you have a nursing background.

  6. You already know what I think :)

    It's All Good!

  7. There's nothing wrong with a little certification, nothing at all! Like your vacation, it sounds like the perfect thing for you.

  8. I haven't been here in two years, Anne H, and wow! I am so impressed with your weight loss. You look great and I'll bet you feel great, too!


  9. Helping others get healthy sounds like a wonderful job. Bet it just feels right, doesn't it? Go for it!

  10. People who know me say weight-loss and fitness
    Is all I talk about- It's all I think about, and it's all I do.
    They say my face lights up when I start talking about it!

  11. Well then, there's your answer. If you can do something everyday that lights up your face and makes your heart smile then I say embrace the hell out of it! Keep us posted and good luck!

  12. Well you know I think it's a great idea!! In fact if I lived closer I'd hire you :)

  13. You were the very first person who ever commented on my blog. I was a Size 28 and feeling like I was about to climb the biggest mountain ever and I was scared and you popped in and encouraged me when I needed it most. I have never forgotten that. If there are 'real' people in your 'real' life who have the chance of a personal level of encouragement - I think you would be an ideal person to give it to them. You never know when you might be there to make a real difference to someones life. Please say yes!

  14. Really?! Wow that is so great Anne! I say go for it. Enjoy what you do and do what you enjoy.

    So what exactly would this be? Nutritionist?

  15. You already know I think it's a fantastic idea. When does class start???
    xo jj

  16. Sounds fab-U-lous! I vote LIKE.

  17. Do it...do it...do it..

    Oh..by the way..I think it's a great idea. You are a natural teacher and leader. You will be awesome and make it fun...I know you will.

  18. Glad you have someone to bounce ideas off!!!


    My vote is yes...I think it is a fabulous opportunity for you and for the people who will benefit from your brains and beauty!

  19. I think any direction you sense the scent coming from is the right one. And 5 pounds off on a vacation? Unheard of! Genius!

  20. Yes - even with all of our indulgences.....
    I had to prove to myself *3 times*
    it can be done..... a person doesn't need to gain
    whilst on vacation! And you know all the stuff we ate and drank!
    Tune in manana for the two year "Before and After" pics!

  21. I think you should go for it!!! I think it will help you and anyone who comes into contact with you. You are living proof and hope in a cute short lil spiky-haired body. hmm. not that your body is hairy..hehehe you get what Im sayin! Vote: YES

  22. This would be a perfect next step Anne. You would make a great educator. You are teaching us something almost every day.
    I think it would be great!!! That's my thoughts.
    I'm glad you are home and settled in. I loved the pictures too. I love comparing, it just so cool seeing all you've done. thanks for sharing. Take care Anne and have a blessed night.

  23. Thanks - everyone for the comments and support and encouragement!
    I am starting to overcome my shyness and get back to being my "new" ole self!


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