27 March 2011

take it easy

I was standing on a corner

In Winslow Arizona

Pretty small town.... pretty cool....
Route 66

Saw these guys on the way

Then pretty much nothing -till you get to Albuquerque
Just the Earth itself. And a couple of very nasty gas stations.

Santa Fe is a nice quite town

The skies in Santa Fe were a deep, rich, 
"Technicolor Blue" at dusk!

Cozy little cabins in the wilderness..... with a bed!

 My cabin! Good night to everyone!
Thanks for reading along!

Take it easy!


  1. What amazing skies you have...its like something out of a book, I've never seen skies like that ( we do have the not so nice gas stations here)
    What a view
    Thanks for posting

  2. Don't make a wrong turn in Albuquerque!

  3. Love that song!!! There are so many beautiful blues in these pictures.

  4. Wow - I slept like 10 hours in this cabin....
    I never do that even at home!
    Maybe I'm a little tired?
    Time to get back to Dallas?!

  5. What a great trip! There's no place like home, but those skies are incredibly beautiful. Linger a while before you return to reality.

  6. Yes, I think one or two more days ought to wrap it up nicely!
    Then back to work for another year!

  7. More great photos! I can see how much you are enjoying yourself. You are going through some beautiful country. Wish I was there with you. :)

  8. Most amazing trip ever! You're going to need a vacation at home just to recover from this vacation. :)

  9. beautiful..been to winslow..sang the song..

  10. We spent a night in Winslow back in 1971/72. Time passes but I still remember the cute little motel we stayed in and walking to dinner. Bet the town has changed since then. Ate lunch in Albuquerque last year while helping my son drive to cali for his job. First time for a long drive for him and he decided to let mom help him drive....we actually did better in his car together than we thought we would. Enjoy the rest of the trip and keep those pictures coming.

  11. This has been so much fun. I feel like I was really along for the ride. What a great journey you've had. Now, I'm itching to get on the road!

    Like Kelly said, you need a vacation from your vacation :)


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