28 March 2011

amarillo by morning

A Space Blanket
In a log cabin

Two-tone  coffee by the fire

Used a coffee stirrer for protein powder - 
Because there is no spoon

Cloud formations in the Texas Panhandle

What a great time to sing Patsy Cline !

My first jalapeno - it was hot!


Years ago I almost went to school out here....
So it's back to Dallas on Monday -
The end of an era!
Thanks for reading!


  1. Only YOU can prevent Forest Fires!

  2. LOVE....

    and always reading.

  3. Home On Monday - after 3 weeks vacay!

  4. Oh, Anne, it's been such a wonderful adventure to follow. I bet it was thousand times better to live. Sorry that you've been feeling down. It's natural, I think. You've been on an excitement high for a while. Constant change, new things, new sights, people, places. It spends one's energy and a temporary low is inevitable after it's done. I hope you'll feel all better once you are home and have time to process it all. *hugs*

  5. You know I loved following you on your vacation! Thanks for taking us along :)

  6. Not this Monday, next right? Still got places to go, things to do, right? I'm not ready for you to go home yet. I love the vacation even though I'm not with you, I am "with" you.
    Vacations are hard to come home from but now it's scrapbook time. Take all these pictures and make a special book out of them. Something that will keep you busy so you're not to down about being home and back to work. Home and work, a fact of life, vacations the whip cream.
    Take care Anne, God Bless!!

  7. that was one hell of a vacation!

  8. Wait a second...your first jalapeno? No way!! Love em. Try them with fajitas. nom nom nom

    Welcome home, Anne. What an adventure you've had. Life changing?

  9. Wait a second... how could that be your first jalapeno? I thought all Texan mommas put jalapeno juice into baby bottles.

  10. SheZug - I must confess I was not born here in Texas....
    But I got here as soon as I could!
    (Alas, I was born in Kansas!
    But I'm not in Kansas anymore!)


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