18 August 2018

crazy dreams

So I’ve been having absolutely 
crazy dreams lately. 
Just vivid and wild. 

Still sleeping like 9 hours a day. 
Almost caught up. 

Have you noticed how 
The Wine Culture 
Is so happy and festive
And 100% embraceable?
Moms with wine. 
Wine here. Wine there. 

Wine is so hot right now. 
I find that it’s also very disruptive 
To my sleep. 
Isn’t that ironic? 
A little toooo ironic? 

I drank wine to help me sleep
And it helps me not sleep. 

17 August 2018

sleepless in seattle

The absolute perfection 

Absolute perfection 

OMG Moist Brisket perfection 

All that daylight in Seattle. 
Back home now, I slept 
20 hours in a dark, quiet, cool room. 
I woke up for about 6 hours
And did some errands.
 Errant ones, mainly. 

Not sure I even saw 
a comb or brush today. 
Even my hair has a day off. 

16 August 2018

this is whatcha call traveling

A day off. 
Started after work Wednesday. 
Off Thursday. 
Back Friday. 

I have a new appreciation 
For just about everything 
Since my vacation. 

4000 steps yesterday. 

So the thing I’ve discovered is
That once you lose weight,
Or get your degree,
Or whatever-
You’re still probably going to be
Anxious, depressed, whatever. 
And maybe all this specific work
On Special Relationships 
Is just a way to avoid 
Doing the “real” work in the first place. 

Although it’s easier to do it 
When you’re sober and healthy
For sure.

I’ve been doing Low Carb
For about as many years 
as I was overweight. 

15 August 2018

back to the grind

Nah. Ended up at work the next day. 
With Hot & Sour Soup. 

Gotta love Love Field. 

Fun town - Seattle!
Lots of good memories. 

Seattle gifts for the Baby Girl. 

And the Big Boy. 

At the airport, I couldn’t get to the
 hamburger place - ok - it was McDonalds- 
So this and wine is all I had. 
After sitting on the tarmac for 2 hours,
They comped me some wine. 
I graciously accepted. 
Thank goodness for Uber! 
We ended up being delayed 4 hours. 

Back to work. Back to steps before work. 
Back to Dallas and 10,000 grackles. 

Back to feeding the kitties raw meat. 
I feel the little one’s pain. 
He’s drinking from the sink and toilet 
To quench a thirst 
That can’t be satisfied with just water. 
We need much less carbs.

Ahhhh. The mundane life of a Nurse. 
It’s about to be much more mundane
In a good way. 
About ready to finally clean my house. 

14 August 2018

47th parallel

Tui Tui

Finally some cool days. 
Cloudy cool and rainy. 

A lovely visit to a cool houseboat. 

Robbie had the Salmon. 

Janet had the Halibut. 

Salmon for me. 

I love the Northwest art. 

The best part of traveling
Is reconnecting with people you love.  

We were going to kayak across to lunch.
But this huge thing stirred up waves.