11 December 2018

oh crap it’s tuesday

Water Bathing Meat In Plastic 
Oil on Acrylic 
PM for price. 
You probably can’t afford it. 
Move along, dearie. 

I can count the number of times
I’ve had Pork Chops 
On one hand. 
They were never on my hand.
Per se. 

This is the Sous Vide. 
Many bloggers swear by it. 
It takes several hours 
To cook the food. 

Baked and crunchy Pork Belly 

I like Pork,
But I prefer beef. 

So for $100 
All my worldly problems 
Can be solved. 
So I figure “Why Not!?”

I left my Apple Watch at work. 
I was frantic because it wa lost-ed-ed. 

So I got no sleep data and no work out data
But I slept like a log and didn’t wake up
Until the alarm. 
And I had no wine or ETOH of any kind

Go figure. 

10 December 2018

oh crap it’s monday

The purging cycle begins. 
Donating every single thing 
That’s not tied down. 

Also, cleaning. 
Ever hear of bleach tables? 
Now you have. 
Don’t eat em! 

No! Small child, 
You cannot make me 
eat a Christmas Cookie! 

This, on the other hand.... yes. 
Yogurt with mint garlic. 
Sounds disgusting. 
Tastes wonderful! 

I love the Indian
Pakistan food most of all. 
Here is an ounce or two of rice. 
The family members are all diabetic 
(Go figure) 
And they make cauliflower rice now. 

Look who’s getting into the keto game! 
SlimFast MCT oil!! 
For fucks sake. 

Crappy sleep way up in the stratosphere. 
I’ve been experimenting 
For a month now. 

A little tickle. 
So I wear his mask for 10 long hours. 
Yes indeed I do. 
Glasses - optional.  

09 December 2018

Trader Joe’s Cauliflower Pizza Review

It was ok. 
Home made is better. 
But this is good 
for the non low carb world. 

Jackfruit at Kroger’s. 

This. Not sure what it is. 

From 2 years ago. 
I’m so funny - it hurts sometimes. 

08 December 2018

dinner with pete

Sips of wine with dinner. 
Look at that. 
The evidence before the court 
Is incontrovertible. 
There’s no need for the jury to retire. 
In all my years of judging 
I have never seen something
More worthy of the full penalty of law...

Jumbo Shrimp. 

It’s been years since I’ve had zoodles. 

The blade was broken on one
And it doesn’t work. 

Once a week I feed the babies 
Something different. 
Just to add variety 
And keep them from developing 
Some problems. 
This is chuck. 

$70 of product here. 
$15 just for the cat food. 
Lawn bags. (Generic)
Some treats. Some chili. 
I got some baby aspirin. 
That was a big ticket item. 
I still don’t see how it adds up so fast. 

Hello Snake Juice my old friend 
I’ve come to talk with you again 

Hey Fatty! 

07 December 2018

a day off

And yet I feel completely rested. 

Rainy and a fire. 
I vowed to never live anywhere 
That doesn’t have a fireplace. 
This will work. 

06 December 2018


Sips of wine with a delightful meal
Of Taco Bell. 
Pure Unadulterated Trash 

I went to the office to turn in some papers 
And place my vacation request. 

I’m not on contract. 
Strictly Per Diem. 
So it’s more like a courtesy 
Than a real request. 
I don’t get vacation days. 

If I don’t cross the threshold of the door,
I don’t get paid at all. 

From 2012 
The Unhealed Healer 

Let’s put up a few decorations. 

Working in a mask. 
Not sick per se. 
Not well per se. 
Just snotty. 
Snotty is the new normal.