27 March 2011

sunny santa fe

A cute little cottage
it's like camping, but with a bed and a heater

The Bobcat Bite Diner
Unchanged since the 1950's

Salad with 1,000 - hold the croutons

Bacon Cheddar Pepper Hamburger 
hold the bun

As I was taking my pics, the guy next to me said I should 
take a pic of his, too! Nice guy - Nathan from New York!

A diner with a view - no bobcats or cougars.... yet!

Real Food Nation I guess grows their own.....
But alas, they were closed....

So the sun goes down on another day
Maybe it's a form of jet lag, 
but I feel very "down" after all this activity.

Maybe it's more than that -
Expectation can suck - even when they come true!

Now - after the weight loss and the mules - now what?
I have to rack my mind to think
of a new direction to take my life in.

I am very glad, and I am very tired....
But I am also very aware that I am at a crossroad in my life.

Thanks for reading!


  1. I'm at the same crossroad, Anne. I hope we both find that new direction. I need to transition out of weight loss mode into something to help me maintain and not regain. Let me know if you have any revelations.

  2. I love old Diners. Vacation and (for me) especially the Southwest vistas, breed many feelings in me--what am I doing?, where am I going?, WHY?
    I've changed my life after some of those trips. But first, the post vacation blues.

  3. Must be something in the air...I am down too...

    Love the pic of the cabin.

  4. I think the feelings of being "down" are normal after accomplishing such a big goal. You've worked so hard and for such a long time. You had clear purpose. To cure that feeling I think you need to decide what the next big goal to work toward will be. We humans are the most happy when we have something to achieve. Congrats on getting there! Now look around and find what "also" you want to be. :)

  5. Maybe ...... just tired!
    I sang and sang all the way to Amarillo.
    And hiked in Palo Duro Canyon!!
    Too tired for a Cowgirl Steak, though....
    Might make an early night of it!

  6. And Oct - I have a feeling -
    a wee little vague fleeting feeling
    of what I want to do next.....
    I'm just too shy to conceptualize it!
    Or hope it might come true!

  7. What's next is so hard Anne. When you have a goal, a end in sight there's something to head to. Now that is over so you just have to find what is next. You will, and you'll amaze me the whole way through.
    Take care Anne and have a blessed evening.

  8. Dream big. Trust your intuition. Stay true to yourself.

  9. Thanks - I might take a survey -
    I had an idea ....... just a thought.....
    i could really use my blogging buddies right about now....

    I might post it in a while ... just to see if I am dreaming or not!

  10. I think I'm coming down too. Laid low all weekend. My hubby said I should stop thinking so much; Hate to admit it but he's right.

    Didn't buy that phone charger. Will have to use the car charger tomorrow and drive around awhile to charge up my phone. Take care and don't think too much too ;)

  11. Anne, so glad you have accomplished all you have. you can do and be anything you want to be. Somewhere I read someone had a bucket list of things they wanted to do and a bucket list for after they lost all their weight. SO an idea, a thought that is all it takes. get a good night sleep and remember no decisions have to be made right now. hugs to you. I am proud of you.

  12. What a wonderful place to be in... I actually envy you. You are smaller and healthier, and the future is wide open... I am very curious to see what you are thinking of next.

    You might consider taking a siesta for a bit when you get home, to rest up from your big adventure. I'll bet that would help you with your decision.

  13. It's very normal to feel "down" after a trip. I was quite down after two wonderful weeks in Florida. But there was a coming back to earth and giving up the freedom of the road for our daily routines. Best of luck to you, whatever decisions you make. You're great and I love your blog!


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