10 March 2011

santa monica pier

I asked a guy if I could handle his snake - 
He said yes!

Maybe he liked me.
Maybe he liked me alot!

Spent the entire day at the beach, 
from sunup till sundown almost....

This baby was torn up with fishing wire....

These guys have the best job in the world!

Never really even touched sand like this

Metting up with Bloggers is wonderful!
I met  4 of them today!

Night at Santa Monica Pier

The many moods of the ocean as the sun went down

A thousand birds

Love ya all -
Wish you were here!
But you are - really - in my heart!
Hope your day is one to treasure!


  1. The Santa Monica Pier is one of my favorite places in the world. I miss it sooooo much. Thank you for sharing the wonderful pictures. :)

  2. This is so beautiful. Looks like you are having a great time. Awesome! I wish I was there, too. :)

  3. Ohhhhh...
    I'm almost there
    I can close my eyes
    and smell the salty sea
    hear the hum of kids on the pier
    feel the whoosh of excitement...
    I'm remembering childhood now...
    the pier at Santa Cruz
    not so big as Santa Monica
    but not so different either
    lovely memories playing in the sand
    the merry-go-round
    thanks for bringing it all back

  4. :) ... wish i was a hobo on that beach.

  5. LOVE the pictures. I grew up in California so we def. went to the Santa Monica pier on occasion. There's so much good shopping around it too :) Although I would never touch one of the snakes; they're the only animal I hate, ha ha. Such good pictures; you look like you're having a blast!!

  6. Gorgeous photos, Anne! So aren't you going to name-drop?

  7. Okay, I'd rather see photos of the bloggers than the snakes!

  8. Life's a Beach!

    Didn't see the snake thing coming. Of the two I would have picked the darker snake to hold...naah second thought I'd pass. But kudos to you for asking a total stranger to handle his snake!!!...only you could do that and have him take a photo too :) Sure it wasn't Charlie Sheen? The dude is all over the place waving his machete.

    Makes me wonder what else you asked out there??? You must of see a lot combing the beach all day long. I'm guessing you've filed a few photos for future contemplation.

  9. Oh how I wish I was. Those pictures are amazing. Except that snake stuff. Scary!!!
    Oh I love this sharing Anne. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I do so wish I was there.
    Take care and have a great and blessed day today.

  10. Ewww snakes! You are a brave woman!

    Amazing pictures, once again!

  11. You can't just go around asking men to handle their snakes! LOL Did you know that I have two snakes as pets? A ball python and a corn snake. Zaira and Houdini. :) I'll have to introduce you.

    Love the beautiful beach scenes but distressed over the bird in the string. Breaks my heart and I know I'll be thinking about it all day. Poor bird. :(

    Glad you are out meeting new folks. It's fun, yes?

    Have fun!

  12. I know - me too!
    The poor birdie!
    He hopped all around trying to follow me.
    IHe actually came right up to me,
    And stayed for a very long time.

    And the snake?
    I picked the lighter one cuz I heard that
    Blondes have more fun!

  13. Thanks for the beauty. Great break from the gloomy rain here....except for the snake.....freaky.

  14. Im catching up on your vaycay posts...these photos in this one are gorgeous-er than usual! Poor seagull baby :-( but I bet he eats well!
    And I must admit...snakes--do not like!!! But how cool is it that the guy let you handle his haha

  15. Beautiful pictures Anne, so glad you're having such a great trip and meeting lots of folks. I've been missing for some reason lol trying to catch up with you now :)


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