12 June 2017

so much good

Lots of good homemade meals

A little time with my new BFFs

I love to cook!

The Instant Pot is still lots of good

Lots of work -
Two full time jobs

Fried Pork Rinds.
Heavens - they're tasty!

Lots of yard work

Lots of rain

And me!

03 June 2017

clever not clever

This cat thinks he is hiding

It has been very rainy here.

Like Spring!

I still go to the country and cook

The Instant Pot is a 100% hit.

This hair of mine is growing in darker and darker.
Sometimes it is almost mahogany color

Around town

Two years since my broken leg.
And still the daily rehab continues

This is machacado con huevos
All these years later, I still have to observe
The basic rules of Low Carb, or I pay the price.

So it's 430 am and I am up doing dishes
And emptying the cat box.
To make things happen, 
I guess ya have to fill in all the blank spaces.