13 March 2011

oceanside california

Oceanside Harbor, California

Can you see the Sea Lions?
They frolic!

Ocean Kayak, anyone?

Joe's Crab Shack

Salad and....

King Crab - yummy
If you have never tried it -
perhaps you should!
You just might like it!

Surf's up for sure with the wave formations

Walked for 2 hours today along the beach

The Pelican was gone - for now at least....
I walked two hours to and from the same pier 
that started it all!

Yum yum  - one a day....
Whilst on vacation

Walked in the cold, deep ocean!

A ship on the horizon!
And lots of surfers!

Wish, as usual that you were here!


  1. California trippin carb tripper :)

  2. The sea lions are so cute! I paid to go on a seal watching cruise in PEI and we saw one seal...the next day we took a ride up to a place called North Cape and there were so many seals...for free. LOL!

    I would love to take a walk by the ocean...soon enough it will be nice enough to walk by the lake.

    I love king crab! It is the best of the best of the best! Bring on the butter!

  3. Pure love. wish I was with you so I could put my feet into the ocean

  4. omg....I used to live in Oceanside,...many years ago,...thanks for posting this. I still miss it very much.

  5. I used to spend my summers at the beach in Del Mar - so close to where you are...what fun memories your pictures are bringing back!

  6. Sharp pictures! Love your Callie tan!

  7. Yep, as usual, I wish I were there. The biggest draw for me in these pictures was your feet in the surf. Yep, it's cold... but oh so envigorating. To think I sawm, er dog paddled, in that stuff when I was a kid. Brrrrr. Happy you're havin' such a grand time!

  8. Oh yeah, king crab is delicious... lotsa butter!

    But all I can think about seeing the sea lions is how they smell, especially when there's a lot of them hauled out on the supports for the pier. Oh well...

  9. Loving the beach photos.. bringing back great memories of summers spent at the beach... swimming in the cool water til spent, then laying on our beach towels on the sand to dry off, snoozing off and waking hot, ready to dash back into the water... and a few sunburns now and again! But so much fun...

    Thanks for the memories.

  10. 2 hours on the beach Anne would have been heaven. That is one of my favorite things to do, soo peaceful. I swear I can smell the salt, and feel the breeze. glad you are having such a great time. hugs.


  12. Gorgeous.

    Love the photo of you and the waitress at the crab place. Super cute.

  13. Love the crab legs. Wishing for some right now.

  14. I love crab legs too--with lots of melted buttah! Almost as much as LOBSTAH....and I bet life WAS good for the lobstah painted on that boat thing at Joes Crab Shack. Everyone was too distracted by those king crab legs to give him a second thought!!! You are making me miss the ocean!


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