13 March 2011

driving day

LA Airport is amazing

Every kind of cool gizmo and gadget

The beaches are what is great

I would rent this place forever and a day if I could...

Love the beaches with a passion

Might be contagious!

Surf is up - come on out!

Wishing you were here!
See ya soon!


  1. I love W Coast beaches too. Nice to share this with you!

  2. Love the photo. I've never seen the west coast before. You are making me want to go there soon.

  3. glad you are having so much fun :) when I see others here from out of state it make me appreciate where I live all that much more:)

    California is the best!!.... umm ohhh ... errr so is Texas!!

  4. Wow, love those photos, especially the last one. How I wish I was there, if nothing just to smell the smells and hear the sounds. I am glad you are enjoying your trip so much. :)

  5. I love the ocean and the ocean loves me!

  6. You wouldn't want to rent that place because it's not in Texas! :P

    So glad you're having fun. We'll be planning an overnight canoe trip soon if you're interested. :)

  7. Your pictures are reminding me of our trip there last August. Since we are a lot closer now, we plan on heading to LA more often.

  8. P.S. Do you know what day you will be here in LV?

  9. The sunshine would be so cool to see. Warm sunshine. Love your trip. Thank you for sharing.
    Take care Anne. Have a blessed Sunday.

  10. You're making me want to visit Cali. Been awhile since I've been there...

  11. Wish I was there!! I miss the state of my birth!

  12. I never went to the beach in california! Id love to experience it...Im an atlantic ocean chica! I love your pictures!


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