07 March 2011

cowgirl coffee, anyone?

Good thing I came in out from the rain (clouds)

After a wee little nose-bleed and pseudo migraine
I slept a little late - time for cowgirl breakfast

CowGirl Coffee -
I'm loving me some Propane right now

Perhaps the best coffee I have ever had

Looks like some Bunny loves me!
He really IS following me!

Lasts night's sunset over the mountain

The lights are from a little mining town..... like a ghost town
They say it even has a Saloon - I didn't go...

Most people set up a campsite and stay a day or more.
I think I am doing this the hard way.....
Putting up and taking down the tent every day.
Live and learn, eh?

Hope your day is great - really do wish you were here!
(I could use some help with the gear!)
Winking smile


  1. Just catching up with your blog adventures. WOW! I wish I was there too!!

  2. Wish I was there to help with the gear and to help drink that perfect

    Or just hang at the saloon with you :)

    btw its raining here this morning boo hoo. Will check out the forcast and get back to you. Either way I'm thinking my couch should be pretty comfy; it takes just a jiff to set it up for a good nights sleep.

    Some bunny does love you :)

  3. Great photos! Love living in the west minus the cold weather. Smile!

  4. Lovely photo! What a beautiful sunset!

  5. Thanks - all pics here were done with my trusty Cell Phone!
    Although the BabyMac helped a wee little bit!

  6. You absolutely can't beat coffee outdoors! :o)

  7. You are a Camping Cowgirl Rock Star!!!! Even with a headache you sound so happy and recharged!!!! And that sunset from your cell phone! Sheesh, I can't do that with my iPhone. I need some lessons!
    Happy trails and see you soon.
    xo jj

  8. I think that's the same rabbit. It's obviously following you.

  9. Yee-haw cowgirl, that's a pretty sunset out on the range.

  10. Oh Anne, how I wish I was there with you. I could really handle some camping right about now, and winter camping just doesn't see to cut it.
    Have fun and thanks for sharing.

  11. Wow those are beautiful pictures and if your putting your tent up and down everyday you'll definitely be getting in some major exercise :)

  12. I guess this makes you my very fave camper with the cool blue cup and pot. (Yes, I looove me that blue.)

    Have crazy fun and, well, of course the Bunny likes you. Who wouldn't? :D

  13. pj geek is remembering the time she went camping in arizona..90 degrees and sunny on arrival, thunderstorm at midnight, snow at 8 am...still..would love to be havin some cowgirl coffee in my pjs..any coyotes?

  14. Beautiful pics!!! I wish I were there too, but I don't do nature very well. lol

  15. Hope the wind didn't blow you and your tent away last night!

    Cold and very windy in L.A. which only means that the desert must have been howling. You couldn't hear a bear coming with that kind of racket!
    I know you havent a signal where you are - I hope the nearest Mickey Dees isn't too far off so you can update us on your present location. If you are too tired to set up camp another night the couch is available.

    BTW just read an article that Subway has now surpassed McDonalds as having the most restaurants world wide...not sure if they offer free wifi :)

  16. Yeah - I was only there for the wifi -
    Very slow and the only one in town!
    Or so they say!
    But I was sooooo glad to get it!


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