18 July 2018

buns on the run

Don’t mind if I do

Spicy and regular 
All meat hot dogs
Hold the buns. 

Yes. Hold my small gluten free buns. 

7200+ steps. And like 21 flights of stairs. 

Silly kittens. 
Don’t put your mouse in the water! 
I have two waters for the babies. 
One Crazy Water. One filtered. 
And chilled. 
Unchilled, they just walk on by. 

17 July 2018

oh happy day

Well now. 
Look who found the money 
and the FitBit!!
It had just fallen out of my pocket. 

All day fasting. 
Not too low. Not too high. 

Back to school? Already?

  A pretty lake view. 

Happy Birthday Cedar!
It’s hard to imagine 
You were ever so small. 

I slept 8 full hours last night. 
And was up before the alarm. 

16 July 2018


So in the turmoil of  the second robbery, 
I lost $200 cash, and my FitBit. 

I actually found my old iPod on Facebook. 
In Facebook Market Place. 
Or at the very least- it was identical. 

Same case, same style, same library. 
What are the odds 
of it being the exact same
In a 9 year old iPod? 
I’m no mathematician. 
But I would say that’s 
Statically improbable, 
If not impossible. 

So rather than involve the police,
I went to buy it back. 
In a public meeting place, of course. 
Because If the police confiscated it, 
It would go to the evidence room- 
And I still wouldn’t have it. 

So, I got the cash front the bank,
And it just vanished into thin air. 
Someone scored a very lucky day
If they were near me when all this 
Fell from my pockets like money rain. 

Finally, it was sold anyways. 
Ahhhh I won’t lose the library. 
It’s on the cloud. 
It’s just the idea that we can fix something 
(With a pretty good fix, 
If I do say so myself!)
And then lose that opportunity twice. 
I guess it’s not meant to be. 

meat can’t be beat

Be a Pediatric Nurse, they said! 

It’ll be fun, they said! 
And, of course, it is. 

I fast all day, then eat one meal. 
OMAD. One Meal A Day. 
Keeps insulin away. 

And no buns. 
I am completely gluten feee again. 

Sleep is so important. 
I never get enough. 
Gotta work on that. 

15 July 2018

two weeks

This is how I start every day 

Tons of roti


Baby #1

Baby #2
Not amused. 

No Sagging

That means me?

So it’s come to this. 
It looks like prison food. 
But better. 

No buns. 

I wanted to eat this,
But it is cork. 
So I think I underestimated 
How hungry I was. 

And angry. 

14 July 2018

take 2

Waiting is hard. 
Numbers are all good. 

I ordered food at work. 
It’s much better to cook at home. 

Before and after 

This is an ant’s face 
Under a scanning electron microscope. 
Did you know? 

Ready for an early day 
and a hair spa day. 

13 July 2018

poor Trekkie

Anymore this is my expression 
Before I open the door 
To see if my car is still there. 
Poor Trekkie was broken into- again. 
They took some kitchen items 
I had bought for a case I once had. 
They have no knives or cutting boards. 
So I got them some. 
Well- no more, I guess. 

Dallas Police Department 

 Typically it works like this:
The Officer files a report,
And a separate group checks it. 
If any corrections are needed, 
They send it back. 
The Officer does his thing
Or her thing 
And sends it back to QA. 
Very much like Nurses Notes. 

Well. They lost mine.
The first part. But not the second part. 
So I’ve been driving around in a stolen vehicle! 
My own stolen vehicle. 
3 hours at the Police Station 
Cleared it up. Mostly. 

Put in a car alarm. 
State of the art. Viper. 
This costs a weeks pay. Nearly. 

Again with the Schadenfreude

The stress - the constant 
Fight or Flight
Raised my BG nearly 30 points. 

Ketones levels still good 
but not like they were before this happened. 

Here’s me not happy at all.  
Just in case you want to know. 
Still fasting. 

11 July 2018

therapeutic ketones

Blood Glucose 64

Ketones 3.5

From the Internet. 

Got my 5000 steps in. 
It felt like more. 

This is from this morning 
Blood Glucose 62 and 
Ketones 3.0

Weight 149 pretty dry. 
A glass of water weighs about a pound. 
Did you know? 
And old saying goes like this:
“A pint - a pound, the world around.”

You would think this would be purple. 
But it doesn’t even show a trace of ketones. 

And I am so cold, I’m shivering! 
This is happening every day. 
Mostly at home. In the early morning. 
Too cold in here. 

I had to put on a long sleeved shirt
Fro the shivering. 
Not happy about it. 
I should be happy about it.