10 March 2011

blogger meet up!

The weather was perfect yesterday in LA

I met for brunch with Harry and the lovely Mad.
Harry has The Wowee Zowee Menu Blog

LoCarb all the way! YES!
What a treat to see them again.

Walked along the beach with Joanna Jenkins

We sat in the sand and watched the sun drop

She is a beautiful soul, inside and out!

Met with the lovely Karla from Daily Thoughts!

What could be better than SF FroYo in SoCal?
Meeting bloggers is right up there!

It was sooo good - I see why she loves it!
She looks good! Very slim. Very smart and gentle woman.

And she did get the shoes! Looking good!

LA Annie met us there! For a triple treat!

I meet bloggers from all around - 
it feels like we have already known each other 
for years! Maybe we have?
Thanks everyone for your kindness and generosity!
Can't wait to visit again! Today just worked out
perfectly - no glitch except the LA traffic!
Winking smile

Hope your day is wonderful!


  1. I would love to meet up with some blogging friends some day. I'm so glad you are having a wonderful time! More pics!

  2. Oh how nice Anne, I would love to meet Joanna one day,. she is one of my favorite ladies. keep enjoying yourself. hugs.,

  3. Great pics of your trip. The beaches look so inviting.

  4. Ah!!! Jealous!!! ;-) Glad you're having so much fun.

  5. Great weather, awesome beaches and beautiful people. What more could anyone ask for :)

  6. SS - my thoughts exactly!
    I even got a bright red suntan!

  7. Another day in paradise :-)
    It was great, great, great spending time with you at the beach Anne. We lucked out and had perfect weather too. I enjoyed it so much.

    Keep having a blast and loving life. I'll be watching the rest of your vacation from my laptop and loving your pics. Love you too! xo jj

  8. what a great get away!!!! I love the beach :)

  9. You all look so radiant and happy. How cool is meeting blogger friends! Magical. I hope I get to have that experience some day, too. Thanks for taking us along on your adventures.

  10. Anne come freeze your behinder off in Minnesota and you can meet Debbi, Michele, Pam and I. They all live close to the cities, me not so much but I'll drive there if you drive you butt all the way here. Just a thought!! :)
    Take care Anne. Thank you for sharing these neat bloggers and your fun. God Bless!!

  11. I dub thee the Peregrine Blogger! :) You get to meet neat people and eat lo carb yogurt and see the Pacific. How fun is that?

    I love Mad's style....

    So glad you are having fun and enjoying the blogger love!

  12. looks like a blast! get some sunscreen though lady...are you lookin like a lobstah (new england, remember?) today? I cant wait to meet you when you come to NY, my but you get around missy! :-D

  13. How fun! I had to laugh when I saw you met Karla for FroYo- her fave! :)

  14. Having grown up in Southern Calif, San Fernando Valley/Los Angeles area, those tall Palm trees brought the memories rushing back!!

  15. Love the pics! Must be just beautiful there. You are so brave meeting your fellow bloggers!

    Where is your tent? Or are you staying in a hotel now?

    Glad you are having such a wonderful time!


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