28 March 2011

palo duro canyon

They have Cow Cabins you can rent per night

Lots of tent places and day hiking, too

That is Light-house Rock....
I'm told it's an great hike up!

Palo Duro Canyon is small enough 
that you can drive to the bottom and hike around

Not like the Grand Canyon where you have to hike back up!

Very beautiful - 
They call it The Grand Canyon of Texas!

The wind was whipping this CowGirl around
So I reckon I'd best take it to the cabin
and get some shut-eye

Shure was purty, though!

Awesome place for hiking and camping!
And close (enough) to home!
Thanks for reading along!


  1. Having serious connection problems - must be a sign!!

  2. I love traveling vicariously through you.

  3. I love your photojournal. It's so very creative!

  4. OMG, are you just visiting every place on my wishlist or what?! Palo Duro Canyon. I want to go there! Thanks for sharing your pics. :) And welcome home.

  5. It looks like you're having the best time, Anne! So jealous!

  6. I think it's great the way you didn't just do a "driving" vacation. You are so active... hiking, muling, camping... go, cowgirl, go!

  7. Well you've exhausted me :) Now I won't need to go on vacation for a while!!

  8. Nice pics...I love the cheeseburger in the last post. I know someone who is having a cheeseburger when they get home from yoga...I will also stop and get Kraft singles to make it "real." Can't wait!

  9. Hi Anne, I just reread all your vacation posts and seriously think "travel guide" could be in your future. You covered A LOT of miles and saw so many different things and caught up with so many bloggers. I'm really really impressed!!! So glad we were able to catch up at the beach for an afternoon. And I'm hoping you are are feeling realllly good about yourself. You've accomplished a major, life-changing goal so celebrate and enjoy. A new corner/goal will come up for you very soon. In the meantime, your tan makes you look like a movie star and I'm guessing your own bed will be feeling pretty darn good. Thanks a million for taking us along on your travels. Welcome home. xo jj

  10. I remember driving into Palo Duro Canyon and walking around. I walked through some wild grass and suddenly became very anxious. I was wearing open sandals and thought of snakes. help! got onto the clear track real fast.


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