14 March 2011

big boy

Saw this guy while out on a morning walk

I like big buns and I cannot lie!

Annie glides

Watch out for that banana peel!
(And mind the tan, please!)

A bunch of meat in a fancy place

Had Prime Rib (my first)
and a great salad -  twas wonderful!

Spinach and egg scramble with fried Spam
for breakfast - set off the fire alarm!
Oops!  And love the picante sauce!

Hope your day is sunny!
Any big plans?
Have a great week!


  1. Everything looks wonderful but I'm wanting the spinach and egg scrambled right about now. :)

  2. So glad you are there and enjoying yourself. Do you find that when you are visiting places while traveling like this you walk more so you can see as much as possible while you are there?

  3. First you ask men if you can handle their snakes and now you go around grabbing their buns. What's gotten in to you?! LOL Scandalous.

    I could eat that egg scramble right now!

  4. Leave it to Anne to find buns that a low carb girl can enjoy :D

    The salad looks yummy!

  5. LOL! You grabbed Bob's buns! Aren't you fresh?!?

  6. Looks like Bob had a great day too. Keep having fun in the sun!

  7. Love it, Anne, Love it all!!! So glad you're having a great time. Keep sharing and enjoying.
    Take care and God Bless!!

  8. Gluten free buns! Love it...

    All I can think about right now is Dr. Evil. Frickin' Big Boy.

    I can see that you are still having tons of fun. Glad you had some prime rib. It is good stuff!

  9. I grew up with Bob's Big Boy - I believe he even made an appearance on the roof of my high school during a senior prank! Didn't know they were still in business...now I want to go there!

  10. Hi Anne, I'm back from vacation and catching up on your travels. It looks like you're seeing all the great spots S. Cal has to offer.

    Prime Rib is a fave of mine and the salad to starts looks perfect. I grew up with Bob's Big Boy and love their "special sauce" too-- although I haven't been in one in decades.

    Keep having fun, enjoy the fab weather, sneak off to the beach when you can and keep taking these great pics to show us.

    xo jj

  11. Big Boy hamburgers are the bestest! They have the yummiest secret sauce.

    Oh, did that little statue stir up memories. Did you know the Big Boy restaurant started in Glendale, Calif in 1936? And guess where I was born...yep, Glendale, Calif. But not QUITE that long ago, LOL!

    Ahhh.. the highlite of the trip... fried Spam...yummo for real... ROFL!!

  12. Looks like you're eating well!! And that Big Boy statue is adorable! I love his hair-do. But his buns? I whip those suckers right off! (owies!)


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