04 March 2011

I love trucky

Brought to you today
by Vita-Meata-Vegamin

I Love Lucy's Map to California

My Map to California

Lucy packs for her trip

So far - so good!

Should we go early?

Sure - why not - maybe?

Don't forget the Yard-o-Beef

And if ya can't "Spoon your way to Health"
Have A Monster Drink instead!
Yes? Maybe? Hmmm....
Thinking..... thinking....
To leave early - or not to leave early.....

Hope you are having a great day!


  1. You already know I am leaving sooner - than later!
    Really - wild horses could not stop me.
    (Well, maybe a pack of wild horses...
    but just a delay!)

  2. You are already packing?? How exciting!
    A yard of beef?! how funny...

  3. I love Lucy, Literally. Awesome show. grat post :)

  4. You make a road trip sound like so much fun!

  5. Gots to have that yard'o'beef!!! Have a blast, drive safely and enjoy every moment (oh yeah and TAKE PICS--goes without saying. And I know you wilL!)

  6. I say go for it :) Trucky has never looked better!

  7. HAHA! Going on a trip with Lucy would be car-azay!

    HAVE FUN! Road trips rule. :)

  8. Take a warm jacket! This is so exciting.

  9. Trucky sure does a great job...

    I can't wait to be a part of this adventure.

  10. No matter when you decide to leave I'm wishing you a safe trip! Enjoy yourself!

  11. Have a wonderful and safe trip. Loved the Lucy references. That was a great show. There was an episode where she got a cup [like a trophy] stuck on her head, which still makes me giggle whenever I think about it.

  12. A Yard-o-Beef-- What a hoot. I bet it's delicious.

    Safe travels and let me know where you'll be or if you have anywhere special you'd like to meet or see!!!


    xo jj

  13. Say "hi" to "Callie "for me a former "Valley Girl!!!"

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