22 March 2011

viva la SheZug

Happy hugs in the city that never sleeps!

At last we meet in person!
Feels like we've already known each other!
The phenomenon of blogging!

Met with the lovely and kind SheZug yesterday for coffee!
(Hi SheZug!!)

It was great fun to meet another blogger!
SheZug was the first person ever to comment on my blog!

It was great to meet her - we had a great visit
in the Lovely and very lively Las Vegas baby!

Hope your day is going great!
Off now to The Zion park area
and the Grand Canyon!


  1. Loved meeting you, SheZug!!!

  2. <3 this! Such a long and wonderful vacation Anne!

  3. What was the siren about in the background?
    Now you're starting my favorite part of the journey: visiting Zion (it's on my life list) and the Grand Canyon (it's my goal weight gift to myself). I can.not.wait. to see your pictures of that.

    So much fun!!!!! Wish I were there. :)

  4. Oh now that had to be awesome. Meeting other blogger. There are three in my state I would love to meet one day (at least three I know of, I'm sure lost more).
    Enjoying your trip with you. Thank you for sharing.
    Take care and God Bless!!

  5. It's what makes blogging such a joy!
    I have never met a stranger or a had a bad time with a blogger!

  6. I've never met a stranger either. No fire alarms today and I went for another cuppa joe at about the same time. Now my wee little blog may bump up to 5 readers from 3... watchout, I'm hitting the big time!

  7. Looks like your shyness is fading fast :)

  8. It is really lovely to meet other bloggers!
    I have met quite a few... I'm glad you did too.

  9. I think it is awesome that you got to meet her. You are definately kicking the shyness to the curb and out the country. think of you often.

  10. I missed a post...great meet up...love the sirens!


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