22 March 2011

just ducky

Found this little baby duckling
wandering (frantically) on the Las Vegas Strip!

He was in and out of traffic!
And all underfoot.
He was peeping and quacking and running soooooo hard!
There were people debating if we should touch him or not.

I tried to re-direct him, but it really just scared him.
He was so small and so scared -
He was tripping over his own feet!

So I (gently) reached down and grabbed him up
and took him to a little pool.
He leaped out of my hand, and jumped in the pond!



  1. Good for you, Anne. What a sweet little thing. I hope he find some friends or family soon.

  2. Awe, so glad you rescued him. Yea, Anne!!!

  3. Poor, poor baby duck. I hope he finds his mamma or at least someone to care for him. I'm only guessing it's a boy since he didn't stop and ask for directions.

    I once found a baby duck who "wasn't right" and after watching for a while it became obvious that he's blind. So I had to go in to that nasty water and rescue him because the bigger ducks were trying to kill him. I eventually brought him to my mom's house where he lived in a horse stall with a small pool. She got him a "seeing eye duck" (HA! mistyped that at first! the u and i are very close on the keyboard and yield very different results when you try to type "duck") for him to have as a companion and would help him find his food.

    Thank you for being a friend to the birds.

  4. I know you have been on vacation so long that all the days seem to roll into one. I thought you might use your ducky story in Tuesday Toon fashion -you know, cartoon like ~ with you as the super hero :)

    I swear people, Anne was donning a cape when she swooped in to save ducky!!!

  5. just noticed Kelly's comment as I must have been posting my own...
    LOL with being off one vowel :)

  6. Aflac! Now where is his neglectant mommy?

  7. The Duck Mommy?
    Some said something about Peeking Duck....
    I dunno..... that's just *wrong*!!!

  8. Awww. Poor little duck. Hope he finds his family.

  9. duck rescue the low carb way--thank you

  10. Like water off a.......
    Dux back!

  11. Aww, little ducky. Great comment on my blog post today, but I wouldn't expect anything less from you :)

  12. Yeah you! That poor little ducky. So glad you got him out of harm's way.

    And great that you got to meet your very first commenter. That's very cool.

    When do you take off for the Grand Canyon? Safe travels.
    xo jj

  13. Awwww. I'm so glad you were there to save little ducky. You sure are having a wonderful time!

  14. Aww, I am glad you took it to a pond, your a sweetheart Anne you really are.

  15. Awwww! It's just ducky that you were in the right place at the right time!

  16. I'm glad you took the time to save the little ducky!!


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