24 March 2011

grand canyon hiking

The temps were freezing in the North Rim
of the Grand Canyon

Much warmer near Lee's Ferry
and Marble Canyon

Still, stayed in a little lodge -
A little too cold for me!

Wish I wish I wish you were here!


  1. I wish, I wish, I wish I was too. It so cool to see these places again. While driving truck we'd stop here and there and visit and site see but nothing like you're doing. So cool to get to share in this experience with you. Thank you!!
    Take care, God Bless!!!

  2. Breathtaking shots! I wish I wish I was there, too.

  3. Does look warmer...hope you don't loose that great tan you got in CA.

  4. If I click my heels together three times you might find me right beside you in the lodge...

    Great pics!

  5. Going there this summer. I cannot wait. Love the pics! :)

  6. Come on - I'm waiting here!
    It's not fun by myself!

  7. I wish too! It's glorious! Enjoy every second, Anne.
    xo jj

  8. That tan did look good LA Annie - thanks!

  9. You're in my home state! So glad you're enjoying.

  10. What part of the Canyon was that first picture taken at? That body of water is beautiful! I'm in preparation for my first Grand Canyon hike this spring with Just Roughin It. Thankfully they plan it all out, but I'd love to know where this water is so I can find out if we'll be hiking near it at all.

  11. Lee's Ferry by Marble Canyon AZ!
    Beautiful up there!

  12. Thanks Anne! I'll have to venture out to Marble Canyon after my Grand Canyon hike!


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