25 March 2011

marble canyon lodge

Sounds good - maybe after the snow melts?

Marble Canyon is it's own little city 
with an airstrip, post office and laundry-mat!

Cafe, Store, Lodge and MetalWorks Art Jewelry
And people who are genuinely friendly!

And cool hats, warm fires

It's right by Lee's Ferry

The water is so clear, you can see the fish swimming

All kinds of hiking trails - everywhere!

A warm comfy place to come home to
After a long day of hiking!

Tell me if you get tired of looking at pictures!
Wish you were here!


  1. No way tired ...more pics pls

  2. Never, ever, ever would I get tired of looking at your pictures. Especially the adorable ones that feature you Miss Anne.

    Glad you are finding friendly folks on your travels!

  3. Never am I going to get tired of the pics. Please keep them coming. I am so enjoying your vacation. Camping in the snow isn't really bad at all. Wear a cap, snuggle in and wait for the sun to come up before heading out to pee. It's really not bad. I've camped in snow piles, tents covered with snow and I think the coldest about -10*. Chillly to get up to in the morning but not terrible. Damp but everything freeze dries so not damp forever. Love the lodge though, really do. Take care and rest well. God Bless!!

  4. Love those pics! I check for new ones every day!

  5. Not tired. Maybe if you posted 639 pictures at once I may get winded a bit.

    Thanks for the kind supportive words on my blog; appreciate having you in my corner.

    Have a great weekend!

  6. Tired? No way! Never! I want more! :)

  7. Julie - the snow is ok cuz I have a good,
    wind-resistant tent and a great sleeping bag.
    And a heavy-duty Space Blanket!
    But I need to upgrade in the "Sleeping On The Ground"
    Department - especially after a 3 hour hikes!
    It makes me feel *old* to feel so *creaky!*
    Maybe, as I get in better shape, it won't be so bad.


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